vocab 1-4

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  1. devious
    up to no good, mischievous
  2. fictitious
    something made up (must exist)
  3. gullible
    easy to trick/fool
  4. hypocritical
    someone instructing not to do something because it is wrong, but doing it themselves
  5. overt
    public, out in the open
  6. reputable
    well known and liked
  7. veracity
  8. bland
    flavorless, plain tasting
  9. delectable
    a fancier food that is good
  10. devour
    to eat quickly and messily
  11. edible
    something that is safe and you are willing to eat
  12. epicure
    a food expert
  13. morsel
    a bite sized piece of delectable food
  14. pungent
    a very strong smell
  15. ravenous
    very hungry
  16. boycott
    to stop buying something because you disagree with a business's policy or actions
  17. jovial
    happy, fun-loving
  18. maverick
    rebel, someone who doesn't follow the crowd
  19. mentor
    a teacher, role model, advisor
  20. nemesis
    an opponent that usually beats the other
  21. odyssey
    a long, difficult journey
  22. tantalize
    to torture someone with something they want  but can't have
  23. archaic
    something not used by the general public anymore
  24. connotation
    the emotional power of a word
  25. denotation
    the definition of a word
  26. idiom
    a common expression not meant to be taken literally
  27. jargon
    words used in a specific profession or group
  28. lexicon
    the vocabulary of a person or country
  29. vernacular
    words and phrases used in a specific region
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