*Army Programs (AR 608-1) (AR 930-4)

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  1. Army Community Service (ACS) AR?
    AR 608-1
  2. ACS mission?
    to provide services that support readiness of soldiers
  3. ACS motto?
    self-help, service, and stability
  4. Who is eligible for ACS support?
    All active duty soldiers and their families,including guard and reserve on active duty status.Families of soldiers KIA or MIA
  5. How can you help ACS?
    donate food, goods, and volunteering
  6. Army Continuing Education Services (ACES) AR?
    AR 621-5
  7. ACES goal?
    develop confident, competent leaders and to provide opportunities for soldiers and adult family members
  8. Basic services offered by ACES?
    high school completion program, Basic Skills and Education Program(BSEP), Defense Activity for Non Traditional Education Support (DANTES)
  9. Federal financial aid programs available to soldiers?
    pell grants, perkin loans, and guaranteed student loans
  10. Soldier development programs provided by ACES?
    • functional academic skills training (FAST)
    • English as a second language (ESL)
    • MOS improvement Training (MOIST)
  11. Who is eligible for the new GI Bill?
    Soldiers beginning active service after July 1985
  12. Army Learning Center (ALC) AR?
    AR 621-6
  13. DANTES?
    Defense activity non traditional education services
  14. SOC?
    service members opportunity colleges
  15. SOCAD?
    Service members opportunity college army degrees
  16. TABE
    Test of Adult Basic Education
  17. Army Emergency Relief (AER) AR?
    AR 930- 4
  18. AER?
    non profit organization that collects funds to assist soldiers and dependents in time of need
  19. AER motto?
    Helping the Army take care of its own
  20. Who is eligible for AER assitance?
    Active soldiers, reserve and guard soldiers on continuous duty for more that 30 days and their dependents. Retired soldiers and widowers of soldiers KIA
  21. AER annual fund campaign?
    MAR 1 - MAY 15
  22. How are monetary contributions made to AER?
    cash, check, and allotments
  23. How is AER funded?
    voluntary contributions from soldiers, repayment of loans, investments and unsolicited contributions
  24. What happens to soldiers who fail to repay AER loans?
    they will be put on a restriction list and will no longer be approved for AER loans
  25. Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) AR?
    AR 600-85
  26. ASAP objective?
    to implement alcohol and drug risk reduction and prevention, return impaired soldiers to duty, and improve readiness.
  27. ASAP mission?
    strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of the Army's workforce and enhance combat readiness of its soldiers
  28. Deglamorization of alcohol?
    Army personnel will not promote functions glamorizing the use of alcohol through games, initiation or prizes in contest.
  29. ASAP participation is mandatory for those who are command referred failure to attend may lead to?
    UCMJ action
  30. Soldiers who fail to participate in or fail to respond successfully to rehibilitation will?
    be processes for administrative seperation
  31. soldiers can be identified as having a substance problem by?
    the command/supervisor, voluntary, biochemical(urinalysis), medical and investigation
  32. objective of urainalysis?
    to deter soldiers from abusing drugs and alcohol
  33. Commanders may direct drug testing by?
    unit inspections, search and seizers, competence for duty, medical, and consent
  34. DA Form 8003 is completed by?
    The commander or 1SG signing the referral
  35. Soldiers in the ASAP program are?
    Flagged IAW AR 600-8-2
  36. Sexual Harassment/ Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Program (SHARP) goal?
    to create an environment that minimizes sexual assault incidents, encourage victim reporting, and soldier education
  37. What is sexual assault?
    sexual contact that the victim does not consent to
  38. SHARP reinforces?
    the Army's commitment to eleminate sexual assault through awareness and prevention, training and education and victim advocacy
  39. more than half of sexual assaults include?
  40. Army policy on sexual assault is?
    in affect at all times and all places
  41. sexual assaults can be reported through?
    chain of command, medical treatment facilities, military police, chaplains, social work services, family advocacies and legal services
  42. AR that outlines rights of crime victims?
    AR 27-10
  43. Forms of sexual harassment ?
    verbal, non verbal, and physical
  44. Equal Opportunity (EO) AR?
    AR 600-20 chap 6
  45. Goal of EO?
    provide equal opportunities to military personnel and family members on and off post; Create effective units by eliminating discriminatory behaviors
  46. What are the Ranks of EOR should be?
    SGT(P)- 1LT
  47. How much EO training is required per year?
    4 ( 1 each quarter)
  48. what is an ethnic group?
    a group that possesses common characteristics and cultural heritage
  49. what is racism?
    an attitude or action against a person because of race or skin color
  50. what is a minority group?
    a group distinguished from the general population by race, religion, color, gender, and national origin
  51. what is sexual harassment?
    unwanted sexual advances, request for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature
  52. What is affirmative action plan (AAP)?
    a management document that was designed to achieve equal opportunities
  53. American Red Cross (ARC) AR?
    AR 930-5
  54. ARCs objective?
    providing services of communication between soldiers and their families
  55. Services provided by ARC are?
    Blood drives, CPR instructions, swimming lessons, and communication services
  56. ARC is staffed by?
  57. Army Retention Program AR?
    AR 601-280
  58. Soldiers are ineligible for reenlistment if they are?
    flagged for being enrolled in ASAP
  59. How long must a soldier be enlisted to be eligible for Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB)
    3 years
  60. A soldier cannot request separation if a ______________ is imposed
    bar to reenlistment
  61. Who is the final approving authority of a bar of reenlistment?
    A commander one level higher than the commanding authority
  62. Who may remove a reenlistment bar?
    same authority that approved the bar
  63. Total Army Sponsor Ship Program AR?
    AR 600-8-8
  64. What does the S-Gate include?
    sponsor info, welcome letter, and needs and assessment checklist
  65. What is a reenlistment bar?
    an administrative action initiated by the commander to prevent a substandard soldier from reenlistment or reentering service
  66. When are bars of reenlistment reviewed?
    Every 3 months or 30 days prior to PCS/ETS
  67. What form is used to transmit sponsorship requirements?
    DA Form 5434-E
  68. A sponsor should be assigned within?
    10 days
  69. Army Quality of Life Programs purpose?
    is dedicated to take care of the Arm'y operational resource the soldier
  70. Army Quality of Life Program includes?
    ACS, AER, ARC, EO, PX/ commissary, GYMs, clubs
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