Rules and Regulations

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  1. The Purpose of Rules and Regulations are for
    1.01 Behavior and conduct which will aid in achievement and orderly coordination of the effort among member of the Houston Fire Fire Dept. in the discharge of their, duties , under both routine and emergency conditions
  2. Objects  provide guidance for ____ and ____ actions
    effective and constructive actions
  3. Absence or tardiness without proper notications and permission shall be considered as _________________. AWL could result in loss of _____________ during the absence and may be grounds of _________ action up to including ________.
    Absence Without Leave.

    compensation, disciplinary action, and indefinite suspension.
  4. The unbroken line of authority extending from the Chief of the Fire Department through a single surbordinate at each level of command down to the level of execution.
    Chain of Command
  5. Duties. which require that member to be excused from performance of regular duties to perform other city related duties.
    City Business
  6. The physical area inside the corporate city limits. For the Fire Dept. purposes this shall include area protected by the Houston Fire Dept
    City Limits
  7. All positions and their classications, which are covered under Chapter 143 of Texas Local Government Code
    Classified position
  8. An officer assigned to exercise command
    Commanding Officer
  9. A unit composed of an officer, who may be a Senior Capt. or Captain, and Engineer/Operator and as many Firefighters as may be deemed necessary
  10. A designated area of Emergency Operations under the direct supervision of a Dicstrict Chief composed of stations and compaines
  11. A level of knowledge that is broad and not specific or detailed
    General Knowledge
  12. Obedience to the order of a supervisor in rank must be faithfully observed,and any member offending in this regard shall be considered as insubordinate and held strictly accountable
    General Orders
  13. The term _____________ means "as soon as possible and practicable
  14. Exceeding reasonable or appropriate language
    Immoderate Language
  15. Incapable of the satisfactory performance of duties
  16. The regular or periodic examination of personnel and station as to appearance, uniforms, equipment, duties, and operation
  17. The failure or deliberate refusal of any member to obey any lawful order given by any superior officer shall be deemed insubordination.
  18. The period of time starting from the date, which the oath of office was last administered. The length of time that a member has been engaged in the actual performance of duty. Previous service may be added.
    Length of Service
  19. ______is permissive and_____ is advisory,Where used it is intended that, while the guideline is not mandatory, it should be followed in the interest of the department
    May and Should
  20. A collective term applied to all persons on the department payroll
  21. Failure to give proper attention to the performance of duty
    Neglect of Duty:
  22. A consecutively numbered, written, directive, that will change, alter, amend, or clarify Fire Department Guidelines, and for information of a permanent nature. They shall be kept in a permanent file.
    Numbered Bulletin
  23. A consecutively numbered, written directive that will be used to permanently change, alter, or amend Fire Department Rules and Regulations. They shall be kept in a permanent file.
    Numbered Order
  24. A consecutively numbered, written directive that will change, alter, amend, or clarify Houston Fire Department Guidelines. Its purpose is to inform personnel about any Safety and Health issues or concerns that may arise, to create and maintain a safe work environment for all. They shall be kept in a permanent file.
    Numbered Safety and Health Bulletin:
  25. A written, numbered directive that will cover a specific instance where guidelines will be changed, altered, or amended for a specified period of time. They may be discarded when the period of time terminates.
    Numbered Special Bulletin
  26. A consecutively numbered, written, directive that will change, alter, amend, or clarify Houston Fire Department Guidelines. Will address any issues that arise regarding special training needs. Training Bulletins will not address scheduled training or solicit volunteers for training programs. They shall be kept in a permanent file.
    Numbered Training Bulletin
  27. The state of a member during their days off or on authorized leave when they are free of the responsibility of performing usual duties. Technically a member is subject to call at all times.
    Off Duty
  28. On Duty: A member is _____ during the period of active engagement in the performance of duties.
    On Duty
  29. An instruction or directive, written or oral, issued by a superior officer to a subordinate or group of subordinates in the course of duty.
  30. For Fire Department purposes the area outside any incorporated limits not protected by the Houston Fire Department.
    Outside City Limits (OCL):
  31. A fixed point or location to which a member is assigned for duty
  32. A grade of official standing. Each class of members of the department is a rank
  33. The officer having the highest rank in grade, unless otherwise designated
  34. Action taken in denying a member the privilege of performing their duties in consequence of dereliction of duty, breach of discipline, misconduct, or violation of Guidelines. May be with pay (RD) or without pay (AW).
    Relieved of Duty:
  35. A member voluntarily terminating service with the department. A resignation must be accepted by the Fire Chief to be effective. Non-classified employees will be considered as having resigned his/her position with the department when absent from work for three (3) consecutive workdays without good cause and proper notification.
  36. The words ______ and used here-in shall indicate that the action is mandatory.
    Shall and Will
  37. A group of workers on duty at the same time or the working period of such a group
  38. Any member having supervisory responsibilities, either temporarily or permanently, over members of lower rank.
    Superior Officer
  39. Shall always be construed as the Captain in-charge of a fire station
    Station Capt
  40. Words used in the present tense shall include the future
  41. Through the hands of each immediate superior officer
    Through Official Channels
  42. Work period composed of two (2) 24 hour shifts of duty during an eight (8) day cycle (i.e. Emergency Response, OEC).
    Tour of Duty:
  43. Wearing apparel of members issued, prescribed or as the Fire Chief may dictate
  44. A level of comprehension above that of general knowledge
    Working Knowledge
  45. The Chief of the Department has the ____ and _____ to promulgate administrative rules and regulations for the department.
    authority and responsibility
  46. The Chief of the Department reserves the_____ and _______any provisions of these rules and regulations.
    modify or rescind
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