Chapter 11- Gastrointestinal Tract

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  1. Alimentary
    passage from mouth the anus (digestive tract)
  2. Anus
    distal opening of alimentary tract
  3. Bile
    secretion of liver that aids in digestion
  4. Biliary
    pertaining to bile
  5. Buccal surface
    surface of tooth next to cheek
  6. Canine tooth
    used for tearing, designated by C on dental forms
  7. Cecum
    blind pouch portion of large intestine used for food fermentation
  8. Cholecyst
  9. Choledochus
    common bile duct
  10. Chyle
    milky fluid carried by lymphatic vessels from intestine after circulation
  11. Chyme
    semi-fluid contents of stomach after digestion
  12. Colon
    part of large intestine extending from cecum to rectum
  13. Duodenum
    first portion of small intestine
  14. Enamel
    hard white substance covering the crown of the tooth
  15. Gallbladder
    organ located on undersurface of liver, stores bile
  16. Gingivae
    gums of mouth
  17. Ileum
    distal part of small intestine
  18. Incisor
    used for shearing, front teeth, designated by I on dental forms
  19. Jejunum
    middle portion of small intestine
  20. Labial surface
    surface of tooth next to lips
  21. Lingual surface
    surface of tooth next to tongue
  22. Molar
    used for grinding, designated by M
  23. Occlusal surface
    chewing or biting surface
  24. Palate
    roof of mouth
  25. Peristalsis
    wave-like movement of the intestine moving contents
  26. Premolar
    used to grind food, designated by P
  27. Pylorus
    opening from stomach to duodenum
  28. Regurgitation
    backward flow of food through esophagus
  29. Sphincter
    ringlike muscle that closes natural openings
  30. Villi
    thread-like projections within the mucosa of small intestine, aids in nutrient absorption
  31. Cheilitis
    inflammation of lip
  32. Cholangiolitis
    bile duct inflammation
  33. Colic
    severe abdominal pain
  34. Colitis
    inflammation of colon
  35. Duodenitis
    inflammation of duodenum
  36. Dysentery
    inflammation of intestines particularly the colon
  37. Enteritis
    inflammation of intestines particularly small intestine
  38. Enterocolitis
    inflammation of colon and small intestine
  39. Enterogastritis
    inflammation of stomach (gastroenteritis)
  40. Esophagitis
    inflammation of esophagus
  41. GDV
    gastric dilatation and volvulus (bloat)
  42. Gastritis
    inflammation of stomach
  43. Gingivitis
    inflammation of gums
  44. Glossitis
    inflammation of tongue
  45. Hepatitis
    inflammation of liver caused by toxin or virus
  46. Ileitis
    inflammation of ileum
  47. Pancreatitis
    inflammation of pancreas
  48. Regurgitation
  49. Wet tail
    disease of hamsters
  50. Anorexia
    lack of appetite
  51. Atresia
    occlusion or non-existence of normal body opening or tubular formation
  52. Ascites
    accumulation of fluid in abdominal cavity
  53. Cachexia
    generalized poor nutrition
  54. Calculus
    formation of stone
  55. Cholelithiasis
  56. Dyspepsia
  57. Emesis
  58. Eructation
  59. Fistula
    abdominal opening between 2 organs or between a hollow organ and body surface
  60. Gastralgia
    pain in stomach
  61. Icterus
    yellow discoloration of the skin(jaundice)
  62. Polydipsia
    extreme thirst
  63. Splenomegaly
    enlarged spleen
  64. Volvulus
    intestinal obstruction caused by twisting of bowel
  65. Vomiting
    forcible expulsion of gastric contents through mouth
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