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  1. A transfer granted to a member for administrative purposes, which will not prevent a member from requesting another transfer within one yea
    Administrative Transfer
  2. An EMT or Paramedic who has been authorized by the Medical Director to function in a specific medical capacity within the Houston Fire Department
  3. A personal transfer securing a desired position while completing their present assignment.
    Lock-In Transfer
  4. refer to all classified personnel from within the Houston Fire Department.
  5. A posting for a newly created position or a position to be filled due to a recent vacancy.
    New Position Posting
  6. A permanent position caused by promotion or demotion of a member, personal or administrative transfer,
    New Vacancy
  7. A permanent position which remained open after a posting period
    Old Vacancy
  8. The office where department transfer requests are received, recorded, and transfer orders are generated.
    Personnel Assignment Office (PAO):
  9. EMT and Paramedic assignment compensation is started and stopped and/or amended in.However, these actions will be initiated by the
    • HFD Payroll Department
    • PAO.
  10. A time of no less than fifteen (15) calendar days for new position postings to be available for transfer request.
  11. An agreement between the Fire Chief and the requesting member to a position that is not a permanently open position.
    Temporary Transfer:
  12. A transfer___a temporary position will be considered administrative, while a transfer__a temporary position may be either administrative or personal.
    TO and From
  13. Usually a new vacancy which is available for temporary assignment between posting periods.
    Temporary Vacancy
  14. A temporary vacancy can be caused for extended leave such as a
    lock-in, military deployment, FLMA, a member’s injury or illness
  15. An application for a change in work assignment.
    Transfer Request
  16. Transfer requests are made through the transfer link found on the
    HFD Desktop
  17. version of it will be required for application during and old position posting
    A HFD Form 33 or electronic
  18. An official change in work assignment
  19. are responsible for balancing staffing in their respective Commands and Divisions.
    Assistant Chiefs
  20. oversees all aspects of the transfer process including issuing transfers, keeping accurate accounts of personnel assignments, maintaining accurate records of vacancies and balancing manpower.
    The PAO
  21. will be responsible to develop and update the rating systems for HMRT, TRT and ARFF.
    The Executive Assistant Chief of Emergency Response or designee
  22. is responsible, on each shift, to ensure all paramedic debit days are balanced.
    The EMS District Chief (1100)
  23. will ensure that Debit Days on all suppression shifts are balanced
  24. Transfers will be instituted for the following reasons
    A. (1) Promotion or demotion of the member. B. (2) Seniority of the member. C. (3) Required to balance the work force. D. (4) Disciplinary reasons. E. (5) A mutual agreement between the Fire Chief and the member. F. (6) Any other reason specified by the Fire Chief.
  25. Personal Transfers are granted to individuals in the ranks of__ and__.that have submitted the appropriate request to the PAO. Refer to 6.05 R.
    Senior Captain and below
  26. The PAO, for the ranks of Fire Fighter, Engineer/Operator, Captain and Senior Captain will post openings via__ and _______
    e-mail message and on the following website
  27. Paramedic, EMT, TRT, HMRT, and ARFF). Any new positions open in the above ranks will be posted for a minimum of
    fifteen (15) calendar days. If the 15th day falls on a weekend or holiday, the posting period will be extended to the next business day
  28. District Chief assignments are
  29. The position of District Chief may be announced and/or filled at the discretion of the
    The Fire Chief
  30. Members will not be allowed to submit or cancel a transfer request after______
    15:00 hours on the last day of the posting. Members shall not call the PAO concerning posting results.
  31. If any District Chief wishes to disapprove the transfer request, the reasons must be submitted in writing to the Executive Assistant Chief of Emergency Response or designee within
    seven (7) calendar days of the end of the posting
  32. If any District Chief wishes to disapprove the transfer request,The following criteria must be considered for denial requests:
     Any Overall Appraisal Rating of 2.99 or less on two (2) consecutive Employee Performance Evaluations immediately prior to the transfer request.  Three or more AWOL occurrences within the previous six months.  Three or more late occurrences within the previous 6 months.  Any sustained complaint that resulted in discipline (as defined by Local Government Code 143) as a result of an OIG/Staff Services investigation within the previous 12 month period.
  33. Transfers awarded as the result of transfer requests for old openings will be post-dated for a period of
    21 days to allow the incoming or outgoing District Chiefs the opportunity to request disapproval of the transfer
  34. Members must make their transfer request by
    station number, shift, and apparatus/unit. (i.e. EMS unit, TRT, HMRT, or ARFF)
  35. All transfer requests shall be for that
    posting period only
  36. When a member is granted a personal transfer, the member will not be allowed to request a transfer for a period of
    1 yr
  37. For the purpose of calculating the one (1) year period, the closing date of the
    posting period upon which the transfer is awarded will be considered the first day of the one year period
  38. Eligible members who are blocked by the transfer program should contact the
    transfer office via email at to confirm their eligibility to transfer
  39. Fire Fighters that are being promoted to Engineer/Operator will be assigned to an
    EMS unit as their first assignment
  40. When placing newly promoted members,___will be filled first based on seniority or ranking of the promotional lis
    Old Openings
  41. If old positions are not available, the PAO will administratively transfer the newly promoted member to a
    temporary position
  42. If temporary positions are not available, the PAO will administratively place the newly promoted member to a
    Roving status
  43. Engineer/Operator and Fire Fighter Paramedics,when requesting removal from an ALS unit, the member must have prior approval in writing from the_____
    Assistant Chief over EMS with a copy sent to the PAO prior to the posting closing.
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