Test 17, Sections 11 A, B, D, and 12 A-D

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  1. The most dominant philosophy in the Juvenile Justice Systems is to...
    Rehabilitate the Juvenile
  2. According to the Juvenile Laws, You can take a juvenile into custody...
    • Pursuant to the laws of arrest
    • Pursuant to an order of the court
    • And if he or she has reasonable grounds to believe that the child is ill
  3. If a Juvenile is arrested, who should be contacted...
    Contact the parents or guardian and inform them of the juvenile's whereabouts.
  4. Is a juvenile's statement to counsel admissible in court
  5. Is Murder a Delinquent act
  6. After arrest, an informal hearing for a juvenile must take place within how long...
    72 Hours
  7. The purpose of the Juvenile Act is to ...
    • protect the child and family
    • provide programs of supervision, 
    • assure a fair hearing
    • and protect the constitutional rights
  8. When conducting a conference, what would be counterproductive?
    Staying physically close to the parties, 

    You should be relaxed, avoid distractions, and show a concern for the child
  9. when filing a petition against a juvenile, what information is needed
    • Name, address, and age
    • facts pertaining to the arrest or offense
    • and the child's whereabouts,

    Attorney information is not needed
  10. When can a consent decree be ordered...
    After the filing of a petition and before adjudication.
  11. What is the burden of proof in a Juvenile Case
    Beyond a Reasonable doubt.
  12. Is it mandatory that an officer notifies the victim of their rights? and How does one notify a victim of their rights...
    Yes it is mandatory that victims are notified within 48 hours.  An officer should give the Victims Rights Notification Pamphlet
  13. Basic information concerning the availability of services to injured crime victims must be provided....
    within 48 hours
  14. Information concerning victim compensation rights must be given...
    in writing
  15. When conducting a suicide investigation...
    treat as a homicide.
  16. When dealing with someone in a high emotional state...
    Maintain friendly eye contact and keep neutral expressions

  17. Ask a suicidal person if they ...
    are indeed attempting to commit suicide
  18. What are some methods of communication with the deaf,
    • read lips,
    • write
    • use sign language
  19. when responding to a dispute....
    Do not put your foot or any body part into the doorway.
  20. Which age group has the highest suicidal rate
    the elderly
  21. If a suicidal person has a gun, what should you do...
    avoid approaching
  22. Priority of care when dealing with injured...
    • victim, 
    • you
    • bad guy
  23. who does the Domestic Violence effect
  24. Abuse is the occurrence of violence between family, what are examples of this?
    Leaving the house is not an example
  25. What are the three phases of Domestic Violence?
    • Manages Response is not
  26. when are victims in the most danger?
    when they leave and the relationship ends
  27. The tension building cycle that is the least harmful is the
    Manipulative phase
  28. When approaching a house...
    Look and Listen, do not rush in like "gang busters"
  29. When can you arrest a person for domestic violence that did not occur in your view...
    if you can see signs of physical abuse
  30. when responding to a domestic, after gaining entry, what is a first priority...
    to separate the abuser from the victim
  31. If making an arrest for a PFA Violation (ICC) what should you do
    verify the PFA, read the order on file
  32. while answering a call, a woman say they guy keeps driving by.  She has a PFA against him, what should you do...
    Arrest the driver for violating the PFA,
  33. To avoid distractions at a domestic call, you should...
    • turn off noises, 
    • turn on lights, 
    • have the witnesses go outside
  34. When dealing with a domestic victim who has no maks, what should you do...
    • explain that no arrest can be made, 
    • advise of PFA options, 
    • advise them to speak to the magistrate
  35. How must a PFA be served...
    Must physically serve one, 

    Cannot just be placed in a Mailbox
  36. Relief from a PFA can stop you from....

    Does not stop Divorce or separation
  37. what are the two types of crisis
    • exhaustion 
    • shock
  38. Does a Verbal order ensure compliance...
  39. When entering a conflict,
    Separate both parties
  40. in a hostage or barricade situation, the priority of the first responder is to
    Secure the SCENE
  41. Goals of the perimeter team are ...
    • set up command post,
    • keep citizens out,
    • keep police out
  42. when talking to someone...
    • talk plain and slow, 
    • to the point, 
    • avoid swearing
  43. If a person is emotionally disturbed, approach...
    • slowly, 
    • talk slowly
    • linsten and let them vent
  44. Tools for diffusing a crisis
    • be a good listener
    • ask diversionary questions
    • explain policy
  45. in a hostage situation, what requests are ok to give up...
  46. what are some clues that a person may attack you
    • rapid breathing, 
    • withdrawal from drugs
    • a person who breaks eye contact
  47. when dealing with a suicidal person, do you want to stare into their eyes?
    No... not concerned with their eyes
  48. what is a crisis
    a temporary problem in which the individuals involved do not have the immediate resources to solve a problem which results in emotional arousal.
  49. Which race has the highest suicidal rate?
    Suicide does not discriminate
  50. what are some verbal clues of aggressive behavior...
    demanding speech and no logical thought, 

    Not a guy who sits back in a chair
  51. Who determines whether a child should be taken into custody...
    the Police Officer

  52. Can an arrest be made without a warrant upon probable cause...
    Yes, On view arrests and some other violations
  53. When dealing with a deaf person...
    all of the above
  54. RAPP
    All of the above
  55. Is it a crime to aid in suicide...
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