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  1. yolk
  2. applause
  3. bacon

    la7m l khinzir ya3 hh
  4. beef
    meat from a cow
  5. chalk
    material that's used for writing on blackboards
  6. cheese
    Do you want some extra cheese on your pizza?
  7. chess
    a popular board game
  8. coal
    My grandmother used to cook on a stove that burned coal.
  9. currency
    the type of money used in a country
  10. dessert 
    • Would you like some ice cream for dessert?
  11. dust
    All the furniture in the empty house was covered in dust.
  12. engineering
    If she likes learning about machines, she should study engineering.
  13. garbage
    Did you remember to take out the garbage?
  14. grass 
    The grass in the back yard's getting too long, so I'd better cut it.
  15. height
    My brother and I are around the same height.
  16. litter 
    rubbish dropped in public places
  17. measles 
    a type of disease
  18. pasta 
    Spaghetti, ravioli and lasagna are different types of pasta.
  19. quartz 
  20. rum 
    a type of alcoholic drink
  21. scenery 
    The scenery in the mountains was magnificent.
  22. timber 
  23. frame 
  24. toast 
  25. calf 
  26. wheat 
    9am7on :) hh
  27. width
  28. wildlife
    al7yat lbariya :)
  29. yeast 
    khamiraton :)
  30. chopsticks 
  31. ambiguous 
  32. atom
  33. band
  34. bear :N
  35. chick :N
  36. duck
  37. rooster 
  38. pelt
  39. fur
     frow :)
  40. cockroach
  41. owl
  42. peacock 

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