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  1. Word
  2. Abilify
    Atypical antipsych: Autism schizo bipolar increase blood sugar EPS
  3. Accolate
    leukotriene inhib maintenance 4 asthma SE: mood swings watch LFTs
  4. Acetylcystine
    antedote for tylenol AKA mucomist expectorant or mucolytic
  5. Actonel
    osteoporosis sit upright 30 min SE-trouble swallowing A-FIB ESOPH CA
  6. Actos
    PO for type II DM BUT research shows increase in MI's similar to Avandia
  7. Acutane
    Acne face gets red peeling before improvement. TERATOGEN
  8. Advil/Aleve
    NSAIDS take w food don’t take with ASA d/c before surg procedures and cln
  9. Aldactone
    """K"" sparing diuretics check output low ki diet great for ETOH"
  10. Allopurinal
    gout (daily drug) for chemo pts Push fluids >3000mL decreases uric acid
  11. Amiadrone
    """cordarone"" A-FIB/V-TAC YEARS of SE: PULM TOXIC THYROID"
  12. Aminophylline
    asthma no caffeine Toxic: tachycardia for adult nervousness for child
  13. Amphojel
    aluminum based antacid 4 CKD patients binds phos. SE: constipation
  14. Amphotericin B
    Antifungal used w AIDS for histoplasmosis check renal vesicant IV
  15. Anafranil
    TRICYCLIC antidepressant & for OCD may increase risk of bleeding
  16. Antabuse
    """disulfiram"" treatment of ETOH no cough syrup deodorant hand sanitizer of GI"
  17. Aqua-Mephyton
    """phytonadion"" ""phylloquinone"" IM Vit K for newborns vastus lat"
  18. Aricept
    PM medication for alzheimers prevents breakdown of acetylcholine
  19. Aricept
    PM medication for aAlzheimers prevents breakdown of acetylcholine
  20. ASA/Aspirin
    "Ototoxicity GI bleed ""tarry stools"" NO KIDS D/T REYE'S avoid vit C"
  21. Atenolol
    """olol"" for HTN/ NOT FOR DM OR ASTHMA/COPD PTS!"
  22. Ativan
    """Lorazepam"" A benzodiazepine for anxiety short term use only IV for seizures "
  23. Atropine
    Dry's secretions 30 min B4 surgery & ECT & treats bradycardia in ICU
  24. Augmentin
    PCN ATB diarrhea thrush yeast never crush! Need backup w BCP's
  25. Avandia
    """Roziglitazone"" PO for Type II DM/ BUT research shows increase in MI's! "
  26. Avodart
    for BPH can decrease libido impotence no BF or PREGO CAN TOUCH
  27. Azulfidine
    Sulfa anti-inflam for Ulcer. Colitis or RA/ can cause decrease in folic acid
  28. AZT
    """zidovudine"" for AIDS supp viral replic OB ok f/u CBC weekly f/u viral load"
  29. Baclofen
    MS SCI parapelegic quads
  30. Benedryl
    """diphenhydramine"" for allergies/ motion sickness/ allergic blood T/F"
  31. Betamethasone
    """celestone"" matures fetal lungs 4 PTL/ takes 24rs/ also for autoimmue"
  32. Biaxin
    """clarithromycin"" marcolide antibod for H. Pylori"
  33. Boniva
    osteoporosis sit upright 30 min heart burn/ SE-trouble swallowing A-FIB
  34. Brethine
    """terbutaline"" Stops PTL and used for asthma/ watch for tachycardia and may decrease k+"
  35. Brovana
    long-acting broncodil for COPD/ not asthma/ need nebulizer Q 12 hrs
  36. Bumex
    K wasting diuretics/ (lasix) can use for ascities in cirrhosis
  37. Buspar
    anxiety NO MAOI's/ No cold meds/ No grapefuits 4 week use only
  38. Calan
    """Verapamil"" Calcium channel blocker for CHF and angina"
  39. Calcitonin
    Osteoporosis/ hypercal/ check fish allergy/ nasal spray/ blow 1st alternate Q D
  40. Carafate
    Duodenal Ulcer/ Give on an empty stomach or give 1 hour before meals
  41. Cardizem
    Angina/ HTN/ increases oxygen to myocardium
  42. Chantex
    smoking cessation pill/ Pt can smoke on it/ increase risk of suicide/depression
  43. Cialis
    ED/ NO grapefuit NO nitro No beta blocker/ report visual disturb
  44. Ceclor
    Cephal ATB/ check allergies/ SE: thrush in baby/ yeast infection/ diarrhea
  45. Cipro
    flourquinolone ATB for UTI/ pyelo/ anthrax/NO MILK!! No prego/kis NO Sun
  46. Clomid
    ovulation stiumlant
  47. clonidine
    """Catapres"" used for HTN/ can cause impotence/ must wean or cause HTN crisis"
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