Keeping up with the republic

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  1. Politics
    Who gets what, when and how; a process of determining how power and resources are distributed in a society without recourse to vioence
  2. Power
    The ability to get other people to do what you want.
  3. Social Order
    The way we organize and live out collective lives.
  4. Legitimate
    accepted as "right" or proper
  5. Government
    A system or organization for exercising authority over a body of people
  6. Authority
    power that is recognize as legitimate
  7. Rules
    Directives that specify how resources will be distributed or what procedures govern collective activity
  8. Institutions
    Organizations in which government power is execersed
  9. Economics
    Production and distribution of a society's material resources and services
  10. Capitalist Economy
    An economic system in which the market determines production distribution and price decisions and proper is privately owned.
  11. Laissez-Faire capitalism
    An economic system in which the market makes all decisions and the government plays no role ( let the people do as the wish)
  12. Regulated capitalism
    A market system in which the government intervenes to protect rights and make procedural guarantees (US)
  13. Procedural guarantees
    government assurance that the rules will work smoothly and treat everyone fairly, no promise of particular outcomes
  14. Socialist Economy
    economic decisions are made not by individuals through market but rather by politicians bases of judgment of what society needs.
  15. substantive guarantees
    Government assurance of particular outcomes or results
  16. Social democracy
    hybrid system combining a capitalist economy and a government that supports equality
  17. Authoritarian Government
    systems in which the state holds all power other the social order.
  18. Totalitatian
    system in which absolute power. leaving little or no private realm for individuals
  19. authoritarian capitalism
    systmem in which the state allows people economic freedom but maintains stringent social regulations to limit noneconomic behavior
  20. Anarchy
    absence of government and laws
  21. Democracy
    government that vest power in the people
  22. Popular sovereignty
    The concept that the citizens are the ultimate source of political power (US)
  23. Pluralist democracy
    a theory of democracy that holds that citizen membership in groups is the key to political power
  24. Participatory democracy
    a theory of democracy that holds that citizens should actively and directly control all aspects of their lives.
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