PSY 200 2.4

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  1. Psychologists have a responsibility to respect the rights and dignity of all people.  To ensure that research participants are treated ethically, psychologists use (a) informed_________, which means that everyone is fully informed about the potential risks of the project, (b) _____, which assures that the subject's right to privacy will be maintained and (c) _____, which is designed to provide more information about the purpose and procedures of the research
    a.informed consent


    c.  debriefing
  2. Sometimes it is necessary to deceive research participants in some way, such as keeping them blind about group assignments, so that expectations won't determine the outcome.  Most psychologists believe that deception 
    a.  is always justified as long as it furthers scientific knowledge.

    b. is never justified unless the research involves clinical treatment.

    c.  is justified, but only under some circumstances.

    d.  is not necessary if you design the project correctly.
    is justified, but only under some circumstances
  3. The majority of psychologists believe that animal research has enormous value.  But some question the ethics of using animals primarily because:

    a.  no real scientific advancements have come from animal research

    b.  animals are often treated cruelly.

    c.  animals can give no informed consent.

    d.  animal research is too expensive
    c.  animals can give no informed consent.
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