Psych Chapter 2

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  1. Replicable results
    Those that anyone can obtain at least approximately by following the same procedures
  2. Meta-analysis
    Combines the results of many studies and analyzes them as though they were one huge study

    Determines which variations and procedures increase or decrease the effects
  3. Theory
    An explanation or model that fits many observations and makes accurate predictions
  4. Falsifiable
    Stated in such clear, precise terms that we can see what evidence would count against it if, of course, such evidence existed
  5. Burden of Proof
    The obligation to present evidence to support one's claim
  6. Parsimony
    When given a choice among explanations that seem to fit the facts, we prefer the ones that are clearer, simpler, or more consistent with established theories
  7. Extrasensory Perception (ESP)
    At least some people some of the time acquire information without receiving energy through any sense organ


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