Quarter 4 Structure mod 6

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  1. What structures make up the pelvic brim
    • sacral promontory
    • ala of sacrum
    • arcuate lines of ilium
    • pectineal lines of pubic bone
    • pubic tubercles
    • pubic crest
    • pubic symphysis
  2. What structures make up the pubic outlet
    • Sacrum and coccyx
    • Ischial tuberosities
    • Inferior ischiopubic rami
    • pubic symphysis
  3. What structures of the pelvis should line up in the vertical plane
    ASIS and pubic tubercles
  4. subpubic angle M and F
    • M: acute
    • F: obtuse
  5. Inlet shape male female
    • male: heart
    • female: oval
  6. Ischial spines male female
    • Male:inverted
    • Female: everted
  7. Sacrum male female
    • male: curved
    • Female: straight
  8. Sciatic notch male female
    • Male: J shaped
    • Female: L shaped
  9. What are the transvere oblique and A/P measurements of a small pelvis
    •                  Inlet                Outlet
    • Transverse 12.5cm              10cm
    • Oblique      11 cm                11cm
    • A/P            10cm                 12.5cm
  10. What are the bounderies of the perineum: anterior, anteriolateral, laterally, posterior lateral, posterior
    • Anterior: pubic symphysis
    • Anteriolateral: ischiopubic rami
    • Lateral: Ischial tuberosities
    • Posteriolateral: sacrotuberous ligament
    • Posterior: tip coccyx
  11. What forms the floor and roof of the urogenital triangle
    • Floor: superficial perineal fascia (colles)
    • Roof: urogenital diaphragm
  12. What are the deep and superficial layers that line the urogenital diaphragm
    • Deep: endopelvic fascia
    • Superficial: perineal membrane
  13. Where is the deep perineal space
    Fascial sheets of urogenital deaphragm
  14. What are the contents of the deep perineal space
    • deep transverse perineal muscles
    • sphincter urethrae muscle
    • Internal pudendal artery branches
    • bulbo-urethral gland (cowpers) homolgus to greater vestibular gland (Bartholin's)
    • Membranous part of urethra
  15. Where is the perineal body and what is its other name
    • between the vaginal and anal canal
    • central tendon
  16. What five muscles attach to the perineal body
    • Superficial transverse perineal
    • Deep transverse perineal
    • Bulbospongiosus
    • Levator ani
    • Superficial part of external anal sphincter
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