Interview Questions

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  1. Tell me about yourself
    • Mention worked in IT and customer support for 10 years
    • Mention self starter always looking to learn and utilize new technologies
    • Mention always looking for a challenge and willingness to do research on issues
  2. Strengths and Weaknesses
    Strength - always set on a task, will not stop until task is complete, attention to detail, use of troubleshooting procedures to check scope of the problem, utilize event viewers for any irregularities, and perform research if needed to resolve issue. Fast learner, will quickly catch on to new technologies. Willingness to help others and provide assistance.

    Weaknesses - at times take too long to perform tasks, but look for help from others if task is too tough.
  3. Where do you see yourself 5-10 years from now?
    • Hope to develop professionally and learn and utilize new technologies to take on additional responsibilities
    • Become more familiar with data storage technologies, ONTAP and Unix to work on becoming a Systems administrator or engineer
  4. Why are you leaving current job
    Explain no more room for growth at current position, even though current position does not match the one applied for, mention you are willing to perform tasks for job while at the same time researching and learning new technologies to work your way back up
  5. Explain CIFS (sifs) and NFS
    Mention NFS (network file system) is a file distribution protocol normally used in a Unix environment. CIFS (common internet file system) (or SMB (server message block)) is a protocol normally used in Windows for shared file and object access. SMB 2.0 is used on Vista and Server 2008, 2.1 on Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2. SMB 3.0 is used in Windows 8 and Server 2012.
  6. Accomplishment you are most proud of
    Mention accomplishments related to job applying for

    Mention issues with Windows 7 migration, home folder issues, wrote script that creates and map a new folder to store PSTs on user home drives. Served as a temporary fix until system administrators in HQ resolved it.
  7. Discuss education background
    Mention went to UNC Pembroke for 4 years from 8/97-6/01, majored in computer science, studied computer languages such as c++ and visual basic
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Interview Questions
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