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  1. In order to hunt big game animals you will need a _______ in addition to a BC hunting licence.
  2. In order to hunt waterfowl you will need _______ permit in addition to a BC hunting licence.
    Migratory Game Bird
  3. List 4 items that contribute to the loss of wildlife in North America prior to 1900.
    • Urban development
    • Habitat Loss
    • Market hunting
    • Breech loaded firearms
  4. List 2 things a hunter can do to support conservation efforts in BC.
    • Buying a hunting licence
    • Join conservation organizations such as ducks unlimited
  5. List 4 fundamental needs of all living things.
    • Food
    • Water
    • Shelter
    • Space
  6. Define habitat
    The place where an organism lives in a community.contains the 4 basic needs to survive.
  7. Define "Carrying Capacity"
    The number Of animals that an area can support without damage to habitat or animals.
  8. Define "succession"
    Habitat change. natural or human caused
  9. List the 6 basic land systems found in BC.
    • Lowlands (fraser delta)
    • Plateaus
    • isolated coastal inlets
    • southern roadless mountainous areas
    • northeast or Alberta plateau
    • northern wilderness
  10. List 5 examples of game animals in BC
    • Bear
    • caribou
    • deer
    • elk
    • mountain goats
    • sheep
    • moose
  11. List 2 birds in BC.
    • Grouse
    • Pheasant
    • ptarmigan
  12. List 3 fur bearing animals in BC.
    • Lynx
    • coyote
    • pine martin
    • mink
  13. List an endangered species in BC.
    • Pelican
    • vancouver island marmot
    • burrowing owl
  14. What branch of the ministry of water,land, air protection is responsibly for wildlife management in BC.
    The wildlife branch
  15. List 2 hunting season types in BC.
    • general open
    • limited entry hunting
  16. Wildlife populations have been increasing in north america due to the conservation effort since the 1900's. True or False
  17. A community of living things interacting with one another and thier physical enviroment is called:
  18. In BC the carrying capacity of many habitats is determined by the _______ weather.
  19. wildlife survival depends primarily upon protection from predators. true or false
  20. Which animal is considered to be an endangered species in BC.
    Vancouver island marmot
    vancouver island marmot
  21. The protection of wildlife falls solely on the provincial legislation. true or false.
    False, provincial and federal
  22. In a general open hunting season you can shoot as much wildlife as you wish. true or false.
  23. The vital target area of most animals contains which 2 organs?
    Heart and lungs
  24. What hunting method should not be used when hunting turkeys?
  25. What are the 4 hunting techniques?
    • Stalking
    • In-Stand hunting
    • Driving
    • Still hunting
  26. On some animals it is important to leave evidence on what after field dressing.
  27. When approaching a downed game, what are 3 things to be aware of.
    • Predators
    • Eyes glazed
    • length of time since it was shot
  28. In order to preserve hide you should sprinkle _____ on it.
  29. Cutting up an animal into the basic meat cuts is called?
  30. What is the first thing you do when you recover your game animal?
    cancel your species licence
  31. If you shoot a game animal and it runs away , what should you do?
    look for signs of blood and trail after it.
  32. the vital target on most game animals is the?
  33. Ethics employed by the individual are referred to as?
    personal ethics
  34. Randomly killing snakes is ethical?
  35. tearing down old buildings for firewood is ethical?
  36. shooting animals to help fill your friends bag limit is acceptable?
  37. A positive public attitude towards hunting is important
  38. Scouting for a good stand location prior to the hunting season is a good practice?
  39. Name the federal law that defines a firearm.
    criminal code of canada
  40. Most hunting rifle and shotguns are non restricted firearms?
  41. Municipal governments can make 2 bylaws that affect gun usage, what are they?
    • No discharge bylaw
    • Noise and nuisance bylaws
  42. What 3 levels of government make laws regarding hunting and firearms
    • federal
    • provincial
    • municipal
  43. Who are the primary officials for enforcing hunting laws?
    Conservation officers
  44. 6 illegal hunting activities?
    • night hunting or pitlamping
    • property damage
    • angling in closed areas
    • exceeding bag limits
    • killing during a closed season
    • killing young or females during a male only season
  45. 3 reasons for hunting laws?
    • Protect people
    • protect property
    • protect wildlife
  46. provincial legislationĀ  becomes law when it is signed by whom?
    lietenant governor
  47. federal legislation becomes law when signed by whom?
    governor general
  48. for the purpose of the wildlife act ,a pellet gun shooting under 500 fps is considered a firearm?
  49. If you cut the barrel of your shotgun too short you may have turned it into a :
    prohibited firearm
  50. It is unlawful to use live birds as decoys to hunt game birds?
  51. Fox are classified as big game animals?
  52. Is hypothermia a winter illness?
  53. Name the 3 layer of clothing?
    • shell
    • insulation
    • underwear
  54. 5 items to put in a survival kit?
    • wire
    • lures
    • knife
    • matches
    • firestarter
    • nails
    • safety pins
    • mirror
    • flint
    • foil blanket
  55. 3 types of maps
    • road map
    • topographic map
    • tourist
    • recreational
  56. knife blades should not be used to ______._______._______
    • pry
    • chop
    • bore holes
  57. Recommended length of a hunting knife?
    2.5 - 4 inches
  58. the best axes are made of high quality ____ and tempered to resist brittleness.
    carbon steel
  59. the best axe handles are usually made of?
  60. difference between a pack board and packsack?
    board is usedĀ  for longer trips and distributes weight better
  61. The part of the body that loses heat quickest is?
  62. you can survive 5 days without?
  63. 3 qualities that are required for outdoor clothing are?
    • waterproof
    • insulated
    • bright color
  64. in order to operate a pleasure boat in canada you need a ?
    pleasure craft licence
  65. If attacked by a cougar you should?
    fight back
  66. Before entering an accident scene it is important to?
    determine any hazards that may injure you
  67. a dull axe or knife is more dangerous than a sharp one?
  68. when a person is found unconscious the best position to put them in is?
    recovery position or prone
  69. the best maps for hunting are?
    recreational or topographic
  70. 2 actions that do not have magazines?
    • single shot
    • hinge
  71. when you pickup any firearm you should :
    assume its loaded
  72. the most stable shooting position is:
  73. .300 savage and .300 winchester rounds are interchangeable?
  74. when shooting a shotgun you want to _____ the trigger.
  75. horns are shed each year?
  76. both dahl and stone sheep are:
    thin horn sheep
  77. whats the difference between bovids and cervids?
    bovids have horns and cervids have antlers
  78. you can tell the age of a wild ram by :
    the annuli on the horns
  79. you can tell the nanny and billy mountain goat apart by?
    the pace between the horns
  80. Which bovid was introduced into BC?
  81. In feeding deer are mostly:
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