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  1. Fluorescence in Caries
    direct relationship between fluroescence and demineralized content.
  2. QLF- quantitative Light-induced fluroescence
    use arc lamp 360 nm wavelength(blue)
  3. QLF software parameters
    • lesion area
    • lesion depth
    • lesion volume
  4. QLF performance standards
    Good correlation between fluroescence loss and lesion depth.

    Better specificity and sensitivity for smooth surfaces.
  5. QLF advantages
    • Early lesion detection and quantificaiton
    • image storing
    • lesion monitoring over time
  6. Diagnodent uses
    • IR light and 655 nm
    • shoots tooth with laser and receives fluroscence
  7. Diagnodent probe tip
    two way fiber bundles with transmitter and receiver
  8. Accuracy is increased by
    • cleaning/drying teeth
    • slightly rotating tip in all three dimensions
  9. Diagnodent peak display records
    • "max value"
    • 0-10
    • 10-20
    • 20-30-lower enamel
    • >30-dentin
  10. Diagnodent performance
    High mean sensitivity for dentinal caries but wide range

    Lower specifity than visual...false positives
  11. Caries detection
    LED reflect, refract

    How does this work?
    Healthy is more translucent than decalcified
  12. Midwest Caries will analyze
    reflectance and refraction by enamel LED emission
  13. Emits LED light when up is applied to.....
    wet tooth surface
  14. Which fiber captures reflected and refracted light?
    receiving fiber
  15. Midwest Caries: red light switches on when
    demineralized tooth is reached
  16. T/F MidwestCaries: ceramic calibration per patient
  17. Midwest Caries: Interproximal lesion detection probe must be oriented
    down tooth long axis
  18. Midwest Caries ID.
    sensitivity for interproximal and occusla
    • 80% and 92%
    • based on radiography and histology
  19. False positives caused by
    • atypical enamel morph
    • sealants restorations
    • calculus/plaque
    • stains, debris
    • If tooth is dry(Midwest) OR wet(Diagnodent)
    • Probe not in contact with tooth surface
  20. Spectra Fluroescent Caries Aid Detection
    6 LEDs emitting blue light at 405nm
  21. SporoLIFE
    • combo intraoral camera and caries detection
    • Healthy tooth green
    • Caries is red or dark
  22. CarieScan Pro
    AC impedance spectroscopy (sound enamel has high electrical resistance)
  23. CarieScan Pro: demineralization causes
    • enamel permeability increase.
    • electrical resistance decrease.
  24. CarieScan Pro: scale
    30 means it has reached dentin
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