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  1. what meds cause esophagitis
    • tetracycline
    • alendronate
    • nsaids, aspirin
    • iron
    • potassium
  2. next step after placement of a central venous catherer?
    x ray to confirm the placacement and absence of pneumothorax
  3. next step when suspecting intrauterine fetal demise?
  4. when do you do surgery for scaphoid fracture
    if there is displacement or angulation
  5. follicular conjunctivitis + neovascularization
  6. when do you give calcium for high K
    • K>6.5
    • ekg changes
    • muscle paralysis
  7. when do you use chi square?
    anova, ?
    • chi square--two proportions
    • anova--mean of 3 or more
  8. what is the only restrictive lung disease that has increased FRC?
    chest wall restriction due to ankylosing spondylitis
  9. how does DI present?
    psychogenic polydypsia?
    • DI--dilute urine and concentrated serum
    • polydypsia--dilute urine and serum
  10. etoh + nsaids + vomiting blood?
    acute erosive gastritis
  11. presentation of paralytic ileus vs large bowel vs small bowel obstruction
    • paralytic ileus has both small and large bowel dilated with air while
    • small--only small is dilated
    • large --only large is dilated
  12. not passing stool or flatus after a retroperitoneal hematoma or vertebral fracture
    paralytic ileus
  13. injectable antipsychotics
    • haloperidol
    • fluphenazine
    • risperidone
    • paliperidone
  14. needle shaped kidney stones are due to
    uric acid
  15. what happens during false labor
    • irregular contractions
    • no cervical changes
  16. rx for dumpin synrome
    • small meals
    • metoclopramide
    • octeotride
  17. signs of chorioamniotis
    • fetal tachy
    • maternal tachy
    • uterine tenderness
    • wbc is high
    • fould smelling discharge
  18. what study takes a snapshot of exposure and outcome
    cross-sectional study
  19. infection of the eye following eye surgery?
    postoperative endophtalmitis
  20. which changes of the liver are reversible
    • hepatitis
    • steatosis
  21. rx for slipped capital femoral epiphyses
    surgical pinning
  22. risk of preterm babies
    • necrotizing enterocolitis
    • hyaline membrane disease
  23. dry, skin plates on the extensor surfaces
    icchtysos vulgaris
  24. rx for ascending cholangitis not responsive to antibiotics
  25. when do you do ekg and echo for a person with chest pain
    • if they have moderate to high riskĀ 
    • for atypical chest pain in a young person you dont
  26. difference between hsp and pan
    pan has asymmetric neuropathy
  27. refeeding syndrome
    • hypophosphatemia
    • autonomic instability
  28. vitrous hemorrhage vs retinal detachment
    vitrous hemorrhage --fundus hard to see and floating debris

    retinal detachment--floaters
  29. effect modification vs confounding
    when analyzed, separate risk factors modify the chance of getting a certain outcome

    when analyzed there is differnce between exposure and outcome
  30. difference in presentaiton between the causes of bloody diarrhea between ecoli, shigella, salmonella, campylobacter
    ecoli does not give fever
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