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  1. Decree
    (n.) an order having the force of law (v.) to issue such an order: to command firmly or forcefully
  2. Grope
    (v.) to feel about hesitantly with the hands; to search blindly and uncertainly
  3. Bonanza
    (n.) a rich mass of ore in a mine; something very valuable, profitable or rewarding.  a source of wealth or prosperity
  4. Evolve
    (v.) to develop gradually; to rise to a higher level
  5. Vigil
    (n.) a watch; especially at night; any period of watchful attention
  6. Adage
    (n.) a proverb; wise saying
  7. Jostle
    (v.) to make or force one's way by pushing or elbowing; to bump, shove, brush against, to compete for
  8. Plaudits
    ( applause; enthusiastic praise or approval
  9. Churlish
    lacking politeness or good manners; lacking sensitivity; difficult to work with or deal with; rude
  10. Revert
    (v.) to return, go back
  11. Excerpt
    (n.) a passage taken from a book, article, etc.; (v.) to take such a passage; to quote
  12. Citadel
    a fortress that overlooks and protects a city; any strong or commanding place
  13. Preclude
    (v.) to make impossible, prevent, shut-out
  14. Servile
    (adj.) of or relating to a slave; behaving like or suitable for a slave or a servant
  15. Wrangle
    (v.) to quarrel or argue in a noisey, angry way; to obtain by argument; to herd (n.)a noisey quarrel
  16. Collaborate
    to work with, work together
  17. Rubble
    (n.) broken stone or bricks; ruins
  18. Hover
    (v.) to float or hang suspended over; to move back and forth uncertainly over or around
  19. discordant
    (adj.) disagreeablein sound, jarring; lacking in harmony, conflicting
  20. Laggard
    (n.) a person who moves slowly or falls behind; (adj.) falling behind; slow to move, act, or respond

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