Ap human geography chapter 1:key issues 2

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  1. location
    • position that something occupies on the Earth's surface
    • 4 ways to identify:
    • place name
    • siteĀ 
    • situation
    • mathematical location
  2. toponym
    the name given to a place on earth
  3. site
    physical character of a place
  4. situation
    • the location of a place relative to other places
    • valuable way to indicate locations
    • finding an unfamiliar place by comparing its location with a familiar one
    • understanding its importance
  5. meridian
    arc drawn between the north and south poles
  6. longitude
    the numbering system used to indicate the location of meridians drawn on the globe and measuring distance east and west of the prime meridian
  7. prime meridian
    • the meridian designated at 0 longitude
    • passes through the royal observatory at greenwich, poland
  8. latitude
    the numbering system to indicate the location of a parallel
  9. cultural landscape
    • a combination of cultural features such as language, religion, economic features, and physical features
    • fashioning of a natural landscape by a cultural group
  10. regional studies
    • the contemporary cultural landscape approach in geography
    • an approach to geography that emphasizes the relationships among social and physical phenomena in a particular study are
  11. formal region
    • aka uniform region or homogeneous region
    • an area within which everyone shares in common one or more distinctive characteristics
  12. functional region
    • aka nodal regions
    • an area organized around a node or focal point
  13. vernacular region
    • aka perceptual region
    • a place that people believe exists as part of their cultural identity
  14. mental map
    an internal representation of a portion if earth's surface
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