Week 3-4

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  1. Lillian Wald
    Was credited for establishing Public Health Nursing or home care.

    • “Nursing is Love in action and there is no finer
    • manifestations of it than the care of the poor
    • and disabled in their own homes.”

  2. The American Nurses
    • The focus was on professional practice and standards of nursing practice

    • Replaced the Nurses Associated Alumnae
    • of the US and Canada
  3. NLN

    • It is the ONLY Nursing organization that
    • includes lay citizens

    This is the accrediting body for all schools of Nursing in the US.

  4. Margaret Sange
    Planned Parenthood and birth control
  5. Lavinia Dock

    • was active in the protest movement that
    • ultimately allowed women to vote in the U.S.

    Currently active in the Nursing journal.

  6. Goldmark Report

    Goldmark Report
    • This report pointed out
    • shortcomings of the Nursing education and of Public Health Nursing. It cited
    • the needs for Nursing education to become broader. Some Nursing Schools began
    • to affiliate with institutes of higher learning

  7. Mary Breckinridge
    • Frontier Nursing service.
    • Nurses traveled on horseback in rural Kentucky. This proved that Nursing could
    • make an impact on the health of a community.

  8. Stella Goostray
    • The Great Depression were

    • “…we have thousands of nurses unemployed,
    • thousands more working twelve to twenty hours a day, and at the same time,
    • people who need nursing care are going unnursed…’
  9. Barter system
    Many nurses worked for room and board
  10. Roosevelt provided what
    The three r's

    • relief
    • reform
    • recovery

  11. Hill Burton ACT
    • Hospital construction boom led to an increased demand for professional nurses to provide care in hospitals
  12. Mildred Montag
    • Montag is
    • credited with the start up of the first ADN program.

  13. National Student Nurse
    Association (NSNA)
    • was founded to promote professionalism among
    • students.
    • They
    • developed their own Bill of Rights!

  14. Illinois Nurses
    Association (INA)
    Membership is individual professional nurses
  15. ANCC
    American nurse credentialing center
  16. Aids
    First case reported om 1981
  17. DRG's
    Diagnosis Related Groups is a system for medical reimbursment
  18. Payment system
  19. CNA
    works under a RN or LPN
  20. LPN - LVN
    • This type of education has
    • been in existence for over 100 years. Most of these programs last one year and
    • include both classroom and clinical opportunities. Work under an RN
  21. Linda Richards
    The first dipolma graduate
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