Chapter 1

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  1. Greek and Latin
    Terms built from Greek and Latin word Parts such as arthritis
  2. Eponyms
    Terms derived from the name of a person, often a physician or scientist who was the first to identify a condition or technique such as Parkinson disease
  3. Acronyms
    Terms formed from the first letters of the words in a phrase such as laser(light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation)
  4. Modern Language
    terms derived from the english language such as nuclear medicine scanner
  5. Word Root
    The Fundamental meaning of a medical term- the core of the word. must have a least one
  6. Prefix
    is attached to beginning of a medical term to modify its meaning. Optional
  7. Suffix
    is attached to end of a medical term to modify its meaning. All words have only one suffix
  8. Combining vowel
    is used to ease pronunciation - usually and "o" not all words have a CV
  9. Combining vowel guideline
    • 1. When connecting a WR and a Suffix, a CV is used the suffix does not begin with a vowel
    • 2. when connecting a WR and suffix, a CV is usually not used if the suffix begins with a vowel
    • 3. When conecting two WR a CV is usually used even if vowels are present at the junctions
    • 4. when connecting a prefix and a WR a CV is not used
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