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  1. All of these are formed from the epidermis
    nails, hair and glands
  2. This causes the turnover of epidermal cells at
    an accelerated rate
  3. These viral growths can be removed with Duct
  4. This cell building block can be directly damaged
    by UV rays
  5. This injury causes complications in all body
    systems such as bowel ischemic, decreased blood volume circulation and
    decreased urine output
    3rd degree burns
  6. This is the power plant of the smallest
    functional unit of a cell
  7. This anaerobic process for energy that produces
    2 ATP and lactic acid
  8. The end product of mitochondria power production
  9. The means by which glucose enters body cells
    facilitated diffusion
  10. This structure contains genetic code for
    survival of call cells
  11. Decreased skeletal muscle can occur secondary to
    traction treatment is termed
  12. When a homozygous mother that has brown eyes has
    children with a heterozygous father with blue eyes, their children have
    brown eyes
  13. The second stage general adaptation syndrome
    produces corticol to increase blood glucose levels
    resistance adaptation stage
  14. These symptoms of stress related to anxiety are
    readily seen on physical exam
    increased BP and increased HR
  15. Phenotype
    physical characteristics
  16. The differential potential of stem cells
  17. Normal genes that become cancer causing when
  18. Compressing of nerves by a tumor causes this
  19. Tissue growth that is uncoordinated and
  20. Generalized effects of cancer causes; anorexia,
    weight loss, muscle wasting, etc is termed
  21. This gland directly regulates the functions of
    BP, HR, hormone function, CO2, O2 and communicates with the pituitary
  22. These exocrine glands secrete amylase to
    breakdown starches to glucose
    salivary glands
  23. These glands regulate salt, minerals, stress
    hormones and anti-inflammatory response
    adrenal glands
  24. Abnormalities in the target gland are termed
    Primary disorder
  25. Too much ACTH causes increased cortisol levels
    and increased cortisol causes
  26. In Acid-Base homeostasis this reflects the
    hydrogen ion concentration
  27. The 3 A’s for treating shingles
    antidepressants, antivirals, analgesics
  28. The sensation of itching is induced by these
    substances that are part of the inflammation process
    Substance P, bradykinin, histamines
  29. Common transmission of tinea corporsis
    Soil, humans and animals
  30. These symptoms are reddened wheals that blanched
    when pressed
  31. The bane of adolescences due to the type,
    distribution and amount is
    acne vulgaris
  32. Osteoporosis increases the risk for
  33. The most debilitating symptom of osteoarthritis
    that is the mostly likely reason people seek medical treatment is
  34. This type of arthritis is caused by an
    accumulation of uric acid in the synovial fluid is
    gouty arthritis
  35. The 3 P’s of compartment syndrome
    • pain, pallor and pulses
    • (absent)
  36. What are mature bone cells called
  37. This substance is reabsorbed in the tubal
    segments of the nephron using passive transport
  38. What lab results are associated with renal
    BUN and creatinine
  39. There is a patient in the ER with shortness of
    breath, bounding pulse, edema and audible crackles in the lungs has
    excess fluid volume.  (heart and kidneys)
  40. The mechanism by which an increase in renin will
    increase BP
    an increase blood volume
  41. If the osmolality of RBC is 400 and a hypotonic
    IV solution is given, the RBC’s will
  42. A torn ligament is a
  43. When postsynaptic cell has positive ions in and
    around the cell and has ion channels for that ion the ions
    will go into the cell
  44. Two boys have hypoxia, one with a normal body
    temperature the other with a decreased body temperature, which boy will have a
    decreased intracellular pH?---
    • the warm one because his body is still
    • undergoing anaerobic glycolysis
  45. A stroke patient is put on oxygen and calcium
    channel blocker
    stop the calcium cascade
  46. The distinctive feature of a virus
    cannot replicate without a host cell.
  47. Baroreceptors are sensitive
  48. Baroreceptors are the first compensation
    mechanism to respond to these types of shock
    hypovolemic and anaphylactic shock
  49. What is the formula for cardiac output
  50. Diabetes, sedentary lifestyle, smoking and
    dyslipidemia are risk factors for
    heart failure
  51. What symptom distinguishes a fever from heart
  52. CNS and PNS come from this embryonic layer
  53. Autonomic negative feedback occurs with
    predictability and little variability is termed
  54. What area of the brain is involved in voluntary
    muscle movement, judgment, memory, speech and problem solving
    frontal lobe
  55. The definition of chronic pain is
    pain that lasts for longer than 6 months
  56. Paraplegia
    loss of feeling and movement in lower legs
  57. This condition poses danger to health because of
    the decreased oxygen supply to the brain and heart
    Obstructive sleep apnea
  58. Bronchitis, asthma and emphysema is termed
    COPD- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  59. When blood circulates to an area with stale air
    in the lungs, _____ happens to the pulmonary arteries.
  60. Due to dehydration what will happen to the
    bacteria concentration in the lungs
  61. Lung damage caused by smoke inhalation is caused
    inflammation and lack of surfactant
  62. This organ detoxifies blood, regulates BP,
    produces RBC and controls electrolyte concentration
  63. The three components of urine formation
    Filtration, reabsorption, secretion
  64. The decrease active transport of amino acids in
    the cell and a decrease of glucose into the adipose tissue is due to
    lack of insulin
  65. The underlying causes of metabolic syndrome are
    • obesity, sedentary lifestyle, bad genetics, HTN and
    • hyperlipidemia
  66. This pancreatic hormone decreases GI activity
    and suppresses insulin
  67. This double layer of peritoneum an wall off
    infection and insulate the body
    greater omentum
  68. The result of parasympathetic intervention on
    the GI system
    increased rate of motility, ie diarrhea
  69. These functions are what makes the liver so
    • removes toxic substances, makes bile and
    • metabolizes all substances
  70. What treatment plan is best practices for a
    patient with GERD
    • raise head of bed, antacids, and
    • smaller portions
  71. This is what secretin does best
    • it releases bicarbonate from the pancreas to
    • regulation the pH in the stomach.
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