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  1. retinal emboli causing blindness vs central retinal artery occlusion
    retinal (amarousis Fugax)- transient, edematous following retinal arterioles

    CRAO--pallor of optic disc, cherry red fovea
  2. best drug for a patient with psychosis thats stable?
    • stable--any atypical antipsychotic
    • unstable--haloperidol
  3. rash of rmsf vs syphilis
    • rmsf starts at hands and feet
    • syphilis starts on the trunk
  4. rx for peritonsillar abscess
    • iv abx 
    • surgical drainage
  5. most common bone complication from ra
  6. how to prevent contrast induced renal failure
    • hydrataion
    • non ionic contrast
    • n acetylcysteine
  7. how does acyclovir cause renal failure
    crystalizes in the renal tubule causing obstruction
  8. macrosomia, macroglossia , omphalocele, hypoglycemia and hyperinsulinemiamos
    beckwith weidman
  9. most common heart valve involved in a non iv drug abuser for endocarditis
    mitral regurg
  10. how do you correct volume contraction
    normal saline
  11. patchy alveolar inflitrates on xray
    pulmonary contusion
  12. rx for myesthenic crisis
  13. diarrhea in a traveler?
    diarrhea while gone camping?

  14. anterior shoulder disclocation causes damage to what nerve
  15. dx of bacterial rhinosinusitis
    symptoms for more than 10 days
  16. rsv causing bronchioloitis predispose a child to get what later on
  17. rx for mild adductus tarsus
    • reassurance
    • casting
  18. rx for club feet
  19. what kind of effusion does pe give
    exudative and transudative
  20. rx for meningitis after neurosurgery
    ceftazidime + vanco
  21. help vs acute fatty liver of pregnancy
    same manifestation + high pt and ptt for acute fatty liver of pregnancy
  22. rx for help syndrome
  23. rx for precocious puberty due to early hypothalamic pituitary axis activation
    GnRH agonist
  24. what is the sequence of cancer therapy treatment
    • induction
    • consolidation
    • maintenance and if it fails you try
    • salvage
  25. hypersenstivity to protein in milk can occur in response to cow and mothers milke or just cows
    cows and mothers
  26. cause of high t3 and t4 and low RAIU?
    • hashimotos
    • dequervian
    • strauma ovari
    • iodine induced
    • thyroid hormone overdose
  27. what causes the proptosis in graves
    • lymphocyte infiltration
    • deposition of GAGs
  28. most common cause of syringomyelia
    cord cavitation
  29. hard growth on the hard palate
    torus palatinus
  30. hip pain radiating down the groin
  31. most common type of anemia in sickle cells
  32. cause of adenocarcinoma of stomach
    not h pylori, nitrosamines
  33. single most usefull parameter to predict fetal size
    best way to estimate intrauterize growth restriction?
    abdominal circumference

    head to abdomen circumference
  34. what is the formular for risk
    diseased subjects/total number of people at risk
  35. what causes balloon degeneration of liver?
    fatty vacuolization?
    • hepatitis virus
    • fatty---reye syndrome
  36. next step in management for a bilateral brown discharge thats guaic negative?
    rule out prolactinoma and hypothyroid
  37. best study to study incidence levels
    cohort study
  38. when do DT's occur from alcohol?
    2-4 days since last drink
  39. what needs to be ruled out in a clavicular fracture?
    • subclavian vessel injury
    • brachial plexus injury
  40. erysipelas vs erysipeloid?
    erysipelas--caused by strep
  41. how much store time for folate and vitamin b 12?
    • folate--4-5 months
    • vitamin b12--4-5 years
  42. hep b causes what type of nephrotic syndrome
  43. most common neuropathy in diabetes?
    symmetric distal sensorimotor
  44. varices from increased portal pressure manifest in the gi system where
    at the gastoesophageal junction
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