Biochem Chapter 2

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  1. What does Coulomb's Law measure?
    The force between a pair of charges separated in a vacuum by a distance r.
  2. What is a dielectric medium?
    A substance, such as water, that screens the charges effect's on one another. This causes the actual force of the charges to be less than that given by Coulomb's law.
  3. What does the dielectric constant measure?
    The screening effect given by the dielectric medium.
  4. What is the energy of interaction?
    The energy required to separate two charged particles from a distance r to infinite distance.
  5. A molecule in which a dipole can be induced is said to be what?
  6. What are induced dipole interactions?
    Interactions of polarizable molecules.
  7. What are Van Der Waals (Dispersion) forces?
    When two molecules approach very closely, the synchronize their charge fluctuations so as to give a net attractive force.
  8. Describe how ions become hydrated.
    The negative ends of the water dipoles interact with cations and the positive ends with anions in aqueous solution.
  9. What is a hydration shell?
    water that surround hydrated ions.
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