Ch. 2 Terms Patient Prep

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  1. Cachexia
    Weight loss, loss of muscle mass and general debilitation that accompany chronic disease.
  2. Mechanical Dead Space
    No gas exchange occuring in the Y piece of the breathing circuit.
  3. Hypercarbia
    Elevated CO2 levels in the bloodstream.
  4. Minimum Patient Database
    • Patient History
    • Physical exam findings
    • Results of pre-anesthetic labwork
  5. Miosis
    Pupillary Constriction
  6. Ecchymoses
    Large bruises caused by leakage of blood into tissues.
  7. Purpura
    Purple discoloration of the skin. Larger than petechaie.
  8. Comatose
    Unresponsive to all stimuli, including pain.
  9. Signalment
    • Species
    • Breed
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Reproductive Status
  10. Obtund
    Cannot be fully aroused
  11. Borborygmus
    Audible intestinal sounds caused by gas moving through the intestinal tract.
  12. Stuporous
    Can only be aroused with painful stimuli
  13. Colloids
    Large molecular-weight plasma proteins that provide oncotic pressure.
  14. Stridor
    Noisy breathing caused by turbulent air flow in the upper airways
  15. Sinus Arrhythmia
    A rhythm in which the heart rate cyclically increases during inspiration and decreases during expiration.
  16. First Degree Heart Block
    Prolonged PR interval. Not noticeable in heart sounds
  17. Second Degree Heart Block
    Missing QRS complex representing skipped beats. Audible in heart sounds.
  18. Dyspnea
    Difficult or labored breathing.
  19. Gastric dilation-volvulus
    The stomach swells and spins on its axis.
  20. Moribund
    Patient is not expected to survive without the operation.
  21. CRI
    • Constant Rate Infusion
    • Delivers slow, continuous amount of drug to achieve desired effects.
  22. Vesicants
    Anesthetic agents that can damage tissues if administered perivascularly
  23. Intropy
    Decrease in the force of heart muscle contraction
  24. Crystaliods
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