BCN1 performance eval

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  1. work sample tests
    Hands-on simulations of part or all of the work that applicants for routine jobs must perform.
  2. assessment centers
    A set of performance-simulation tests designed to evaluate a candidate’s managerial potential.
  3. 3 elements of what it is that you do that gets evaluated
    • individual task outcomes
    • behavior
    • task
  4. Task performance.
    Performing the duties and responsibilities that contribute to the production of a good or service or to administrative tasks. This includes most of the tasks in a conventional job description.
  5. citizenship
    Actions that contribute to the psychological environment of the organization, such as helping others when not required
  6. counterproductivity
    Actions that actively damage the organization, including stealing, behaving aggressively toward co-workers, or being late or absent
  7. critical incidents
    A way of evaluating the behaviors that are key in making the difference between executing a job effectively and executing it ineffectively.
  8. group order ranking
    An evaluation method that places employees into a particular classification, such as quartiles.
  9. behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS)
    Scales that combine major elements from the critical incident and graphic rating scale approaches. The appraiser rates the employees based on items along a continuum, but the points are examples of actual behavior on the given job rather than general descriptions or traits.
  10. forced comparison
    Method of performance evaluation where an employee’s performance is made in explicit comparison to others (e.g., an employee may rank third out of 10 employees in her work unit.
  11. graphic rating scales
    An evaluation method in which the evaluator rates performance factors on an incremental scale.
  12. individual ranking
    An evaluation method that rank-orders employees from best to worst.
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