Med School Interview Part I

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  1. Why medicine?
    • -Myriad of opportunities available (discovery in research, teaching, clinical work, numerous different fields to go into)
    • - Fascination with the human body
    • - Integration of hard science with meaningful
    • interpersonal interaction
    • - Hands-on, fast-paced
    • -  Opportunity to make positive impact on others that’s extremely meaningful
  2. How do you know you want to be a doctor?
  3. Describe cancer research

    - 3: goal, purpose, what's new about the technique
    - describe biomatrix scaffold & what it preserves (3)
    (1) Goal: create ex vivo system to predict liver metastases from colorectal cancer using biomatrices to promote personalized care

    • (2) Purpose: limit severity of primary tumor metasis by predicting and
    • pretreating the predicted sites of metastasis. 

    (3) Isolation and preservation of biomatrix scaffolds gently without destroying tissue-specific characteristics that best mimics human tissue.

    Biomatrix scaffold - tissue extract enriched in extracellular components that has been completely decellularized; tissue-specific NOT species-specific. Preserves collagens, matrix components, and soluble signals (i.e., growth factors and cytokines).
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