Dairy lab section 1

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  1. Al
    artificial insemination, deposition of bull semen in the reproductive tract of the cow as a means of impregnating the latter.
  2. Bulk Tank
    A refrigerated milk storage tank for each dairy herd
  3. calf hutch
    individual housing unit for young calves, assists in blocking transmission of disease
  4. calf starter
    grain based mixes fed to young calves
  5. calving interval
    the time between one calving and the next
  6. cull cow
    cow removed from a herd due to poor production. generally due to poor production, reproduction, or mastitis
  7. CMT/WMT
    California Mastitis test or Wisconsin Mastitis test. CMT is a cow side test that crudely measures the milk somatic cell count as a screen for subclinical mastitis. The WMT is a laboratory procedure which is a more precise measure of somatic cell count, although it is not as precise as a direct count.
  8. Days Open
    the number of days between calving(parturition) and conception. should be less than 120
  9. days in milk
    the number of days a cow has been milking her lactation, same s days since fresh
  10. dry period
    a period of 45-60 days when lactation is halted before next lactation begins. the dry period is required rejuvenation of the secretory parenchyma
  11. dry cow therapy
    antibiotic therapy given at the onset of the non-lactating period of the cow. it is intended to protect against intramammary infection
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