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  1. caused by chemical action on tissue
    thermal burn
    electrical burn
    chemical burn
    chemical burn
  2. a direct result of heat caused by the fire
    thermal burn
    electrical burn
    chemical burn
    thermal burn
  3. caused by electrical current passing through tissue
    thermal burn
    electrical burn
    chemical burn
    electrical burn
  4. caused by exposure of the tissue to steam
    thermal burn
    electrical burn
    chemical burn
    thermal burn
  5. what percentage of a person is considered burned when the burned area is confined to the right leg
  6. when steam blisters cover half of a victims back a what percentage of b what class burn exists
    • a 9%
    • b second defree
  7. when treating a victim with second or third degree burns, you should treat for what symptom first?
  8. personnel that work in noise hazardous areas with a noise level of 84db and above are required to have a hearing test within what specified period of time after reporting aboard ship?
  9. at what minimum decibel level is double hearing protection required?
  10. heat stress is caused by the body trying to regulate is temperature. which of the following is/are causes of heat stress?
    • air temp
    • thermal radiation
    • humidity
  11. which of the following is not a cause of heat stress
    a ship operating in a hot or humid climate
    excessive steam and water leakes
    missing or deteriorated pipe lagging
    ventilation operating properly
    ventilation operating properly
  12. a heat stress survey is required in any space when the ambient temperature reaches or exceeds what minimum temperature
  13. the reason for conducting a heat survey of a space is to
    determine the safe stay time for personnel
  14. of the following items which on is not considered a hazardous item?
    enamel paint
    coffee grounds
    coffee grounds
  15. you can prevent an injury if you regard all aerosols as presenting what hazard
  16. electrical equipment should be painted only when the lack of paint will cause what condition
  17. which of the following actions should not be taken to prevent corrosion
    paint idenitfication plates
  18. what are the two types of insulating varnish
    clear baking and air drying
  19. when the use of water based solvent is not practical what cleaner is recommended
    inhibited methyl chloroform
  20. what action should you take when using cleaning solvents in a confined space/
    rig ventilation to blow out of the space
  21. you should not use which of the following types of material to clean electrical contacts?
    silver polish
    steel wool
    a burnishing tool
    steel wool

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