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  1. of the factors listed below which ones causes cathode ray tubes (CRT) to be classified as a hazardous material
    • they are subject to considerable force from atmospheric pressure
    • and the chemical coating inside is extremely toxic
  2. of the following materials which on is not a hazardous material released when the glass envelope of a crt is broken?
    barium getters
    barium acetate
    thorium oxide
    copper oxide
    copper oxide
  3. if you cannot return a crt to the manufacturer for disposal what action should you take
    make it harmless by breaking the vacuum glass seal
  4. which of the following phrases is not allowed when a caution tag is used
    do not operate without eoow permission
  5. what publication contains an explanation of the steps required to tag out a piece of equipment
    opnavinst 4790.4
  6. red tags are used when all except which of the following conditions exists
    special instructions are needed before the equipment can be operated
  7. when two or more repair groups are performing repairs on a system the responsibility for posting a red tag rests with
    each repair group
  8. what function is derived from the manner in which the engineering department is organized
    it provides for proper assignments of duties and for proper supervision of personnel
  9. which of the following is/are the purpose of the national apprenticeship standards of the us navy
    • to provide registered certification of the rate training of navy personnel
    • and
    • to achieve recognition of the navy personal equal to her civilian counter part
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