Electrical installations

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  1. what was the driving force for developing the low smoke family of cables
    the navy needed a new cable that would five off less toxic fumes and smoke durning a fire
  2. which of the following are classifications of cable types
    • special purpose
    • nonflexing service
    • repeated flexing service
  3. what is the purpose of aluminum or steel covering of armored cable
    to give physical protection to the cable sheath durning installation
  4. which of the following is a purpose for using nonflexing cables
    to use with permanent installations
  5. flexing service cable designed for use aboard ship is commonly referred to as being portable because
    it is principally used as leads to portable electric equipment
  6. repeated flexing general use cable is categorized by what means
    the number of conductors in the cable
  7. if you see the symbol HOF on a cable designation you know the cable is of what type
    heat and oil resistant flexible
  8. a cable listed in the cable comparison guide has a 7 at the end of the cable designation which of the following is the meaning of the 7
    • the number of conductor pairs and the circular mils of the conductor only¬† or
    • the number of conductors the number of conductor pairs and the circular mils
    • either one above depending on the type of cable
  9. a radio frequency RF cable designated as LSTTRSU 10 in the cable comparision guide has what total number of conductors
  10. the designation of a nonflexing service cable is LSDHOF 400 what does (a) the letter d and (B)the number 400 indicate
    • (A)two conductors
    • approximate cross sectional area of a single conductor expressed in thousands of circular mills
  11. if you need to find a comprehensive listing of the requirements for installing cables aboard navy ships you should refer to what publication
    general specifications for ships of the us navy navsea s9aao-aa-spn-010
  12. a cable has been constructed so that it provides added protection allowing it to function for a longer period under fire conditions what term describes this cable
    citcuit integrity
  13. what information is on the thin marker tape present on most cables and cords under th binder or jacket
    • name and location of the manufacturer
    • the year the cord or cable was made
    • the milspec number of the cord or cable
    • its all the above
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