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  1. Subdivisions of Pedology
    • Soil Genesis
    • Soil Classification- categorizing knowledge
    • Soil Morphology- describing soils in the field
    • Soil Survey
  2. Solum
    Weathered Soil- above C
  3. Particle Size of: Sand, Silt, Clay
    • Sand: 2-.05 mm
    • SI: .05-.002 mm
    • C: <.002 mm
  4. Oa
    • Highly decomposed Organic Matter (sapric)
    • Moderaly decomposed Organic Matter Hemic
    • Slightly decomposed Organic matter fibric
  5. Nunatak
    hill or mountian that isn't over taken by glacial ice
  6. Ogives
    alternate bands of light and dark ice in glaciers
  7. Supraglacial stream
    one on top of a glacier
  8. Moulins
    • a hole in the glacier that drains rivers and lakes
    • Darrell thinks Cerly bog was under one
  9. glacial portal
    were a subglaical stream exits the ice
  10. Ice wedges
    can caused pattered ground, because different parent materials for so long
  11. Varves
    banding in lacustrine deposits
  12. Drift
    • Old general term for anything deposited by glaciers
    • Not parent material
    • thought from flood
  13. Diamicton
    geology term for poorly sorted glacial sediments
  14. Ablation Till verse Lodgment Till
    • Ablation was in the glacier and dropped
    • Lodgment is dense till- under the glacier
  15. Saltation
    Sand being blown to make dunes
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