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  1. AzSH
    Arizona State Hospital
  2. ADHS
    Arizona Department of Health Services
    Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System
  4. ARS
    Arizona Revised Statutes
  5. AWOL
    Absent with leave (Escape)
  6. CDL
    Center for Disability Law
  7. COE
    Court ordered evaluation
  8. COT
    Court ordered treatment
  9. CR Plan
    Conditional Release Plan
  10. CRU
    Community Reintegration Unit
  11. DBHS
    Department of Behavioral Health Services
  12. DTO
    Dangerous to others
  13. DTS
    Dangerous to self
  14. FMC
    Forensic Management Committee
  15. FRC
    Forensic Review Committee
  16. GD
    Gravely Disabled
  17. GEI
    Guilty except insane
  18. GEI 75-DAY
    Guilty except insane Evaluation (for 75 days)
  19. ITDP
    Individual treatment discharge plan
  20. JCAHO
    Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Orgs
  21. MHPS
    Mental Health Program Specialist
  22. MSE
    Mental Status Exam
  23. NGRI
    Not Guilty by reason of insanity
  24. Oasis
    The J-5 recreation room
  25. OHR
    Office of Human Rights
  26. P GOALS
    Progress goals on the ITDP
  27. PAD
    Persistently and Accurately Disabled
  28. PHF
    Psychiatric Health Facility
  29. PNC
    Provider on Call
  30. PNUM
    Psychiatric Nursing Unit Manager
  31. PNSS
    Psychiatric Nursing Shift Supervisor
  32. Pre-SCC
    See Forensic Review Committee
  33. PSRB
    Psychiatric Security Review Board
  34. RBHA
    Regional Behavioral Health Authority
  35. ROU/RTU
    Restricted (ON/TO) Unity
  36. RTC
    Restoration to Competency
  37. RULE 11
    The rules for competency under Arizona procedural code
  38. SCC
    Special class committee
  39. SO
    Security Officer
  40. SP
    Suicide precaution
  41. SSA
    Social Security Administration
  42. STI
    Special Therapeutic Intervention
  43. T&E
    Training and Education
  44. Title 13
    The criminal statutes in Arizona
  45. Title 14
    The statutes that govern guardians and conservators
  46. Title (Non) 19
    Medicaid eligibility
  47. Title 36
    The civil statutes in Arizona (mental health)
  48. Voc Rehab
    Vocational rehab
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