Vet Histology reading atlas

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  1. The intermediate step between drying the specimen and waxing it is called what? Explain it?
    • Clearing, it is used to clear the alchohol before the wax comes in, they do not mix at all and would cause issues.
    • For this reason xylene is used to clear the alchohol cause it is┬ámiscible with both alchohol and paraffin wax
  2. Organs are large 3D structures, so are cells, how does this make it difficult to do histology
    Based on the orientation and location of the cut you make to creat a histological slide you will get different resulting slides, if for example you do not cut through the nucleus you will not see the nucleus on the slides
  3. What is an artifact?
    IMperfections introduced to the slide during processing that are not naturally supposed to be there
  4. What are some common artifacts
    Folds, precipitates of stain, knife marks, tears, shrinkage
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Vet Histology reading atlas
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Vet histology reading atlas

Vet histology reading atlas
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