CBC Procedures

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  1. Describe the granules in a typical equine eosinophil.
    very large round to oval reddish granules.
  2. Describe the granules in a typical equine basophil
    numerous small dark purple granules.
  3. Describe the typical granules in a canine eosinophil.
    round and pink to reddish. Granules can degranulate forming a blob of pink.
  4. Describe the granules in a canine basophil
    tiny dark purple granules. Not as numerous as the horse.
  5. Describe the granules in a feline eosinophil
    tiny red rod shaped granules
  6. Describe the granules in a feline basophil
    light purple to lavender oval granules. Poorly defined.
  7. Describe the procedure for a Leukocheck.
    • Patient name & initials on bottom of bottle
    • Puncture lid with shield
    • Draw blood into tube, gently hold finger on top
    • Wipe of tube with kimwipe
    • Insert into leukocheck quickly
    • Squeeze 4-5 times to mix
    • Invert top. Charge hemocytometer
  8. What magnification is used when counting white cells on a hemocytometer?
  9. What is done to ensure that cells are not counted twice on the hemocytometer?
    When counting from one primary square to the other, only record the count if the cell is on the line to the left or top.
  10. What are the numerical requirements when counting cells?
    • The numbers counted within the nine primary squares cannot be more than 10.
    • The final numbers from the two chambers cannot exceed 10% of each other
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