Sociology Chapter 1

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  1. Sociology
    Scient that studdies human society and social behavior- social interaction- how people relate to each other and influence each other.
  2. Social Perspective
    Social context in which people live and how that context influences a person's life. Understanding human behavior by placing it within its broader social context.
  3. Auguste Comte
    Founder father of Sociology.

    • -Social Static
    • -Social Dynamic
  4. Social Static
    Things in society that do NOT change overtime.

    Ex: Government
  5. Social Dynamics
    Things that DO change overtime.

    Ex: Civil rights, technology
  6. Harriet Martineau
    The first feminist sociologist.

    Said women were oppressed because they had no economic power.
  7. Herbert Spencer
    Coined the term "survival of the fittest"

    Social Darwinism.
  8. Karl Max
    Conflict between the have and have nots.

    Bourgeoisie "haves"

    Proletariat "have nots"
  9. Bourgeoisie
    Own the means of production. "haves"
  10. Proletariat
    Own their own labor. "have nots"
  11. Emile Durkheim
    Society exists because of consensus (agreement) to follow the rules to keep society stable.

    Mechanical Solidarity

    Organic Solidarity
  12. Mechanical Solidarity
    Social pressure for conformity, family tradition

    (Rural/ agricultural areas)
  13. Organic Solidarity
    Everyone is dependent on everyone else and everyone works together.

    (Urban cities)
  14. Max Weber
    Verstehen (empathy)
  15. Verstehen
    Being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes. (empathy)

    Max Weber
  16. Jane Addams
    First Social Worker

    Founded Hull House in Chicago
  17. W.E.B Du BOIS
    Started NAACP
  18. Wright Mills
    Power Elite
  19. Power Elite
    Top leaders in business, politics, and the military are a threat to freedom. -Should be weary of them taking away our civil rights.

    C. Wright Mills
  20. Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology
    Symbolic Interactionism


  21. Functionalist Perspective
    Society is a set of interrelated parts that work together to produce a stable social system.

    Study a division of work in family- functions served by education.

    Herbert Spencer/ Emile Durkheim
  22. Conflict Perspective
    Conflict in society arises over competition for scarce resources and social change is an inevitable featureĀ  of society.

    Karl Marx
  23. Symbolic Interactionist Perspective
    Individuals attach meaning to their own actions and to the actions of others through the use of symbols.

    Studies how people interact with one another in society.

    Study child development, relationships within groups, and mate selection.

    Max Webber
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