Film vocab - Snatch

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  1. industrious /ɪnˈdʌs.tri.əs/, industriously, industriousness
    describes a person who works hard:

    • an industrious worker

    She's extremely competent and industrious.
  2. blunt /blʌnt/, blunt side (of a knife), bluntness
    describes a pencil, knife, etc. that is not sharp, and therefore not able to write,cut, etc. well

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  3. sharpish /ˈʃɑː.pɪʃ/ (UK informal)

    We'd better get out of here pretty sharpish.
  4. precipitate /prɪˈsɪp.ɪ.teɪt/ (formal)
    to make something happen suddenly or sooner than expected:

    An invasion would certainly precipitate a political crisis.

    Fear of losing her job precipitated (= suddenly forced) her into action.
  5. dodger  /ˈdɒdʒ.ər/
    a person who avoids doing what they should do:

    a tax dodger
  6. mutt /mʌt/ (mainly US, informal)
    a person who behaves in a silly or careless way:

    Come on you mutts, play harder!
  7. fiddly (informal)
    difficult to do because the parts involved are small:

    Repairing a watch is a very fiddly job.

    I hate painting the fiddly bits in the corner.
  8. wake
    an occasion when the family and friends of a dead person meet in order to lookat the dead body the night before it is buried, or when they meet after a deadperson has been buried to drink and talk about the person's life
  9. unhinged /ʌnˈhɪndʒd/
    mentally ill:

    I sometimes think that your mother is a little unhinged.
  10. heartburn
    a painful burning feeling in the lower chest caused by the stomach notdigesting food correctly
  11. liability
    1) [U] the fact that someone is legally responsible for something:

    He denies any liability for the damage caused.

    2) liabilities [plural] (specialized) debts:

    The business has liabilities of £2 million.
  12. kid yourself
    to believe something that is not true, usually because you want it to be true:

    He says there's a good chance she'll come back to him but I think he's kidding himself.
  13. drip-dry
    Drip-dry clothing can be hung up to dry and does not need to be ironed:

    a drip-dry shirt
  14. the blower
    the phone:

    Get on the blower and invite him round.
  15. blagged
    to persuade someone in a clever or slightly dishonest way to allow you to do something or to give you something:

    Somehow they managed to blag their way in.

    There are often people heading my way so it's easy to blag a lift.
  16. coursing
    a sport in which rabbits are chased by dogs

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  17. lurch
    to move in a way that is not regular or normal, especially making sudden movements backwards or forwards or from side to side:

    The train lurched forward and some of the people standing fell over.
  18. tart (very informal, disapproving)
    a woman who intentionally wears the type of clothesand make-up that attract sexual attention in a way that is too obvious
  19. pawnshop
    a store that lends money in exchange for a valuable thing that they can sell if the person leaving it does not pay an agreed amount of money by an agreed time:

    a pawnshop loan/owner
  20. carnage  /ˈkɑː.nɪdʒ/
    the violent killing of large numbers of people, especially in war:

    The Battle of the Somme was a scene of dreadful carnage.
  21. deafen
    If a very loud noise deafens you, it makes you deaf, or makes you temporarily unable to hear the other sounds near you:

    The explosion permanently deafened her in her right ear.
  22. prat (UK informal)
    someone who behaves stupidly or has little ability:

    He looked a right prat in that pink suit.

    You've made me spill my drink, you prat!

    Occasionally I'll have a few too many drinks at a party and make a prat of myself (=behave stupidly).
  23. bookie = bookmaker
    a person who accepts and pays out amounts ofmoney risked on a particular result, especially of horse races
  24. bollocks
    • 1) [plural] offensive for testicle

    2) [U] offensive nonsense:

    That's a load of bollocks.Bollocks to that (= that's nonsense)!
  25. periwinkle (blue)

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  26. confer
    to exchange ideas on a particular subject, often in order to reach a decision on what action to take:

    I should like some time to confer with my lawyer.
  27. tea cosy
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  28. gumdrop
     a chewy sweet that usually has a fruit flavour

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  29. bounty hunter
    someone who searches for criminals or hunts animals in exchange for areward
  30. chum (old-fashioned informal)
    a friend:

    They were old school/college chums.[as form of address] 

    That's all right by me, chum.
  31. schmuck
    a stupid or silly person:

    Her husband is such a schmuck!
  32. chap, chappie, chappy (UK informal, old-fashioned)
    a man:

    He's a friendly sort of a chap.
  33. Eye-gouging
    • the act of pressing or tearing the eye using the fingers or instruments.
    • It involves a very high risk of eye injury, such as eye loss or blindness.

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  34. demise
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