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  1. When are you required to have a destination alternate?
    • If destination at ETA + and - 1 hour will be:
    • Cig - <1,500' above lowest circling HAA or
    • If no circling, then 1,500' above lowest published minimum or 2,000' above airport elevation
    • AND
    • Visibility <3 (or 2 more than appr min, whichever is greater)
  2. When are you required to have a departure alternate?
    When taking off from anywhere with less than landing minimums, an IFR departure alternate within 1 hour flight time is required.
  3. What is the required weather for an alternate?
    • Cig - 200' above HAT for appr to be flown
    • Vis - 1SM or as published, whichever is higher
  4. If you are required to have an alternate, how much fuel must you carry?
    Fuel to destination + alternate + 30 minutes cruise.
  5. Standard takeoff minimums:
    • 1/2SM or 2400RVR
    • Predicated on a 200ft/nm climb capability
  6. PHI is allowed to depart an airportĀ without weather, only after...
    ...the PIC (or another competent to supply appropriate observations) determines departure point is 1/2SM Day or 1SM night (VFR per 135.205).
  7. PHI may use a destinationĀ without weather using...
    • a weather source within 15NM, if available
    • the Area Forecast
    • altimeter setting source specified in the IAP
    • and the IFR alternate must have onsite, NWS-approved weather

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IFR regulations from both GOM and regs.
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