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  1. mannerism
    a way of speaking or moving that is typical of a particular person
  2. fidget
    to keep moving your hands or feet, especially because you are bored or nervous
  3. flick
    to make something move away by hitting or pushing it suddenly or quickly
  4. nod off
    to begin to sleep, usually when you do not intend to and are sitting somewhere
  5. slouch
    a way of standing, sitting, or walking with your shoulders bent forward that makes you look tired or lazy
  6. wander
    if your eyes or your gaze wanders, you look around slowly at different things or at all parts of something
  7. cluster (of)
    a group of things of the same kind that are very close together; a group of people all in the same place
  8. bump into
    meet someone you were not expecting to
  9. leverage
    develop and use fully
  10. sleazy
    morally doubtful
  11. apropos of nothing
    not related to anything previously mentioned
  12. (provide a) referral
    when you recommend someone to other person for work
  13. flow
    move from one place to another in large amounts
  14. selfless, altruistic
    caring about other people more than about yourself
  15. dignitary
    someone who has an important official position [= VIP]
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