osvaldo science semester II

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  1. What causes the wind?
  2. Irregular heat causes the wind
  3. 4 types of equipment used to measure the wind
    Weather vane: measures the direction

    • Wind sock: measures speed and direction of the wind. Used by ships and planes.
    • Anemometer:  main instrument used to measure the speed of the wind.

    • Beaufort scale:  Admiral Francis Beaufort
    • invented scale to measure the wind by looking at its effects on the environment.
  4. 3 characteristics of the wind
    1.   It is clean

    2.    It’s renewable

    3.    It’s not constant
  5. 5 advantages of wind energy
    1.   It’s clean

    2.     It’s renewable

    3.      It doesn’t produce toxic gasses.

    4.      It promotes a reduction of fossil fuels

    5.      It doesn’t impact on the environment
  6. 5 disadvantages of wind energy?
    1.       It dangerous for birds and bats

    2.       It isn’t constant

    3.       It’s noisy

    4.       It’s expensive $$$$$

    5.       They make a visual impact on the environment
  7. What is luminous energy?
    The energy of light humans percieve.
  8. What are the two ways to measure light
    ·   Radiometry

    ·   Photometry
  9. What is radiometry?
    ·   It is the light wave’s measurement and detection in the electromagnetic spectrum

    ·    The human eye can only see a small portion of this
  10. What is photometry?
    ·     It measures the human perception of brightness.
  11. What is the difference between photometry and radiometry?
    ·        Radiometry  is the entire electromagnetic spectrum

    ·     Photometry is the the light humans can see.
  12. 2 phenomena which light can experience?
    • 1.       Reflection: light changes direction
    • when it collides with a body, for example a mirror

    • 2.       Refraction: when light passes from one body to another refraction is produced, making objects look bigger or smaller,
    • or other distortions.
  13. What is the electromagnetic spectrum?
    The electromagnetic spectrum is all the wavelengths of light you can measure with RADIOMETRY. we can see just a small amount of this.
  14. What is sound energy?
    • energy you can hear.
    • it travels in vibrating waves.
  15. the characteristics of sound:
    1 - pitch  :: (high or low)

    2 - loudness :strength of the sound (loud or soft)

    3 - timbre (type of sound - guitar vs violinfor example)

    4 - frequency (the number of times a sound wave vibrates.)

    4 - frequency
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