Physical Science

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  1. List the steps of the Scientific Method
    • 1:  State the problem.
    • 2:  Gather information on the problem.
    • 3:  Form a Hypothesis.
    • 4:  Perform experiments to test hypothesis.
    • 5:  Record and Analyse Data
    • 6:  State a Conclusion
    • 7:  Repeat the work.
  2. What  is matter?
    Anything that has mass of volume.
  3. Name the four general properties of of matter.
    • 1:  Mass
    • 2:  Weight
    • 3:  Volume
    • 4:  Density
  4. Metric System
    Standard system used by scientists which is reliable and accurate.

    Based on the number 10 and multiples of 10 
  5. Metric System Standard Units of Measure
    • Volume is the liter or milliliter.
    •     cubic centimeter (cc) is equal to a milliliter

    Length is the meter or centimeter.

    Mass is the kilogram or gram.

    Temperature is the Celcius or centigrade

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Physical Science
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Scientific method

Scientific Method and matter
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