AP Gov ID Quiz 1

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  1. elite
    definition: an identifiable group of persons who possess a disproportionate share of some valued resources such as money or political power

    significance: even in majoritarian decision making, a clear opinion can be made but the people don't get involved in policy-making process. The elite are the ones who rise from majority and actually get involved in the struggles over policy
  2. faction
    definition: a group of people who seek to influence public policy in ways contrary to the public good (according to James Madison)

    significance: factions prevents only single government from dominating all of government. It keeps power balanced and prevents any from gaining full power
  3. Articles of Confederation
    definition: a constitution drafted by the newly independent states in 1777, ratified in 1781. It created a weak national government that couldn't levy taxes or regulate commerce. In 1789 it was replaced by the Constitution in order to create a stronger national government

    Significance: The Articles of Confederation was the first national government and first "constitution" of the US. Though the federal government had little power it kept the 13th states united under one doctrine
  4. Great Compromise
    definition: a compromise at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 that reconciled the interests of small and large states by allowing the former to predominate in the Senate and latter in the House. Each state had 2 representatives in the Senate but was allotted representative based on population in the House

    Significance: The Great Compromise reconciled the interests of both small and large states. It led to the creation of the Senate and House of Representatives and combined the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey plan.
  5. Constitutional Convention
    definition: a meeting of delegates in 1787 to revise the Articles of Confederation which produced a totally new constitution still in use today

    significance: the Articles of Confederation was too weak and was causing problems so the Constitutional Convention was held to fix this. Delegates from each state came and in four months they created the Constitution
  6. Federalist papers
    definition: a series of 85 essays by Hamilton, Jay and Madison published in NY newspapers to convince them to adopt the Constitution (1787-1788)

    significance: the Federalist papers tried to gain popular support for the Constitution and it was instrumental in getting it ratified. It explained the benefits of being in the Union and persuaded people to support it.
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