Persuasive techniques

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  1. Adjectives
    add emphasis
  2. Alliteration (3)
    • adds emphasis
    • reinforces meaning
    • creates highly emotive image
  3. Anecdote (2)
    • makes reader sympathetic and receptive
    • positions reader to accept or reject characters
  4. Associations (2)
    • influences readers response in certain ways (often subconsciously)
    • Implied meanings need to be identified
  5. Attacks/praise (2)
    • places reader in position of agreement with author
    • works through forceful assertion
  6. Bias
    subjectively influence the reader by only presenting one side of the argument
  7. cliches
    offer a shortcut to convey meaning
  8. Colourful words/ descriptive language (3)
    • enduce emotion
    • engage reader by gaining attention
    • new slant on familiar issues
  9. Connotations of words (2)
    • must explain what effect is
    • different effects are gained and different reader responses are generates through word choice
  10. Emotive appeals (3)
    • appeal to our values
    • often subtle
    • can manipulate reader to take notice of issues by triggering an emotional response
  11. emotive language (2)
    • evokes strong emotional response in order to force agreement
    • stimulates strong emotional reactions
  12. evidence
    positions reader by supporting the author's point of view
  13. exaggeration (4)
    • makes a point dramatically to reinforce it
    • used to gain attention
    • can arouse strong or extreme emotional responses
    • used widely in headlines
  14. Generalisation (3)
    • appeals to our general sense of what is true
    • can pick up on prejudices/stereotypes
    • emotional appeal to our prejudices and untested opinions
  15. Graphs/diagrams
    • Makes meaning of figures
    • adds credibility
  16. Hyperbole (2)
    • adds emphasis and gives clear picture
    • helps reader remember a point or situation
  17. Inclusive/exclusive language (2)
    • writes can include/exclude themselves and othersĀ 
    • engages reader
  18. Irony (2)
    • effective for humiliating opponents
    • makes point distinctive
  19. Language style (2)
    • how it makes reader feel towards author (close/distant)
    • colloquial styles chatty friendly and inclusive - reader treated as equals, language is accessible and familiar
  20. metaphor (3)
    • reinforces point without repetition
    • image creates interest
    • engages reader
  21. pun (2)
    • engages mind
    • attention grabbing
  22. Reason and logic
    considers opposing viewpoint to help strengthen argument
  23. Repetition (3)
    • Gives emphasis
    • reinforces point
    • evokes emotion
  24. Rhetorical questions
    Manipulate reader to agree because assume answer is obvious
  25. Simile
    clarifies and enhances idea
  26. Tone
    reflects writer's attitude, which positions reader to agree or disagree
  27. Structure (2)
    • order of points affects readers response
    • Dramatic beginnings effective in engagine reader
  28. Expert opinion
    adds credibility

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List of persuasion techniques and how they effect the reader
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