ANCH1014 Latin terms

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  1. Paterfamilias
    • 'Father of the family'
    • Oldest male
  2. Patria potestas
    • 'The power of the father'
    • Power of life and death over other family members, decides who his children marry
  3. Clientela
    • The Patron-Client Relationship
    • Patron provides legal and physical protection, financial security
    • Clients then vote for their patrons (or the way the patrons want them to vote)
    • Clients greet patron, escort him to the forum, provide gifts
  4. Fides
    • 'Loyalty'
    • Clients and Patrons are connected through bonds of fides
  5. gens/gentes
  6. Patricians/Patres
    • Father/Father families
    • The minority that controlled everything
  7. Plebeians
    • The People
    • Increasing mobility from plebeian caste to patrician caste over time due to immigration, adoption of a monetary system and diversification of the economy
  8. mos maiorum
    • 'The ways of our forefathers'
    • Traditions and customs that had run the country previously and was considered to be the ideal way to continue to run the country
  9. cursus honorum
    Ladder of offices
  10. Quaestor
    Position of office: Financial officers (20 of them in the cursus honorum)
  11. Aediles
    Position of office: Infrastructure and grain supply (4 of them in the cursus honorum)
  12. Praetors
    Position of office: Judges, military commanders (6 of them in the cursus honorum)They have imperium
  13. Consul
    Position of office: Heads of state, of which there were two elected each year. They have imperium
  14. Tribunes
    • Purpose to serve and protect the plebeian class
    • Restricted to the plebeian class
    • They had veto power and sancrosanctity
    • There were 10 tribunes elected each year
  15. Imperium
    • 'Power'
    • Power of life and death over Roman citizens
    • Power to command armies
    • Praetors and Consuls have imperium
  16. sacrosanctity
    • 'protected by the Gods'
    • Tribunes had this, and it meant you could not harm them
  17. Censors
    • Elected every 5 years
    • Their job is to conduct the census
    • No formal political power, but they do have moral authority
  18. Dictator
    • Appointed to deal with emergencies
    • 6 month term
  19. senatus consulta
    • 'The advice/opinion of the senate'
    • The Senate was an advisory body with no formal legislative or electoral powers
  20. Senatus populusque Romanus / SPQR
    The Senate and the People of Rome
  21. nobiles
    Small minority of families who have a consular ancestor
  22. provincia/provinciae
    • 'provinces'
    • Went from being a sphere of command to meaning a permanent administrative zone
  23. Proconsul
    • Pro = in place of
    • In place of a consul in provinces.
    • Proconsuls can exercise imperium
  24. Propraetor
    • Pro = in place of
    • In place of a praetors in provinces.
    • Propraetors can exercise imperium
  25. Lex Calpurnia
    Law establishing permanent extortion courts
  26. Publicani
    Wealthy businessmen from the equestrian or plebeian class who bid on tax farming contracts
  27. Equites
    • 'Horsemen, Knights'
    • Equestrian class
  28. Latifundia
    • 'Plantations'
    • Land patched together by the wealthy from the purchase of small distressed farms
    • Soldiers returned from war to find their land now belonging to these plantations
  29. ager publicus
    • 'State owned land'
    • Rented from the state, but long occupations means virtual ownership
    • Monopolized by the wealthy
  30. proletarii
    • 'proletarians'
    • Landless urban poor workers
  31. iugera
    land measurement
  32. potentia, regnum
    • Tyranny
    • definition vague in powerpoint presentation
  33. (right of) provocatio
    • Right of appeal against abuse by Roman magistrates
    • M. Fulvius Flaccus offers it to the Italians
  34. Gallia Transalpina
    • "Gaul beyond the Alps"
    • Roman province
  35. senatus consultum ultimum
    • "The final decree of the senate"
    • Calling on the consuls to do whatever they deem necessary to save the state
    • Martial law
  36. concord
    • 'harmony'
    • as in, the Temple of Concord
  37. Optimates
    • Conservatives
    • Believe in empowering the Senate (using martial law embodied in the senatus consultum ultimum)
  38. Populares
    • believe that sovereign power belongs to people and should be protected from the senate
    • take legislation directly to the people for a vote, bypassing senatorial approval process
    • not necessarily altruistic men of the people, but ambitious aristocrats eager to use the power of the people
  39. boni
    the best men
  40. novus homo
    • 'New man'
    • No consular ancestry, the first in his family to achieve the position of Consul
    • A roman citizen but not a member of one of Rome's traditional ruling families
    • E.g. Gaius Marius
  41. legatus
    • 'legate'
    • lieutenant
  42. capite censi
    • 'men counted in the census by virtue of having a head'
    • i.e. by being alive but owning nothing
  43. virtus
    Virtue, but also manliness
  44. muli Mariani
    Marius' mules
  45. Phalanx legion
    • Traditional Roman legion consisting of 3 lines of
    • Hastati - spearmen
    • Principes - Main infantry
    • Triarii - Reserve line
  46. maiestas
  47. Lex Agraria
    Agrarian Law
  48. civitas
  49. ius Latinae
    'Latin rights'
  50. civitas sine suffragio
    'citizenship without the vote'
  51. foederati/socii Italii
    federated states/Italian allies
  52. socius
  53. justitium
    cessation of public business
  54. pomerium
    Sacred boundary of the city of Rome
  55. hostes
    Enemy of the state
  56. adulescentulus carnifax
    • 'little boy butcher'
    • Early nickname of Pompey the Great
  57. proscribere
    'to write down'
  58. dictator legibus faciendis et rei publicae constituendae causa
    Dictator for the purpose of making laws ans establishing the Republic
  59. de sicariis et veneficiis
    murder and poisoning
  60. de fabriciis
  61. ambitus
    electoral bribery
  62. vis
  63. repetundae
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