Music Elements

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  1. Pitch
    the relative highness or lowness that we hear in a sound
  2. What is the pitch of a sound determined by?
    frequency of its vibrations
  3. The faster the vibrations, the ______ the pitch.
    The slower the vibrations, the ______ the pitch.
    higher, slower
  4. tone
    a sound that has a definite pitch
  5. What is the frequency of a tone measured by?
    cycles per second
  6. interval
    the distance in pitch between any two tones
  7. octave
    interval where tones are separated and sound very much alike
  8. pitch range/range
    distance between the lowest and highest tones that a voice or instrument can produce
  9. dynamics
    degrees of loudness or softness in music
  10. timbre
    color or tone quality of a musical sound
  11. The range of a singer's voice depends on what?
    training and physical makeup
  12. String instruments
    • -Violin
    • -Viola
    • -Cello
    • -Bass
  13. bow
    slightly curved stick strung tightly with horsehair
  14. pizzicato
    musician plucks the string, usually with a finger of the right hand
  15. double stop
    playing two strings/notes at once
  16. vibrato
    producing an expressive tone by rocking the left hand while pressing the string down
  17. mute (string instrument)
    veils or muffles a tone by fitting a clamp onto the bridge
  18. tremolo
    rapidly repeating a tone by quick up-and-down strokes of the bow
  19. harmonics
    very high-pitched tones when musician lightly touches certain points on a string
  20. What instruments are only played with the fingers or plectrum?
    harp and guitar
  21. Woodwind instruments
    • piccolo (highest)
    • flute
    • clarinet
    • bass clarinet
    • oboe
    • English horn
    • bassoon
    • contrabassoon (lowest
  22. reed
    very thin piece of cane that is set into vibration by a stream of air
  23. single-reed woodwinds
    • reed fastened over a whole in the mouthpiece and vibrates when the player blows into the instrument
    • piccolo
    • flute
    • clarinet
    • bass clarinet
  24. double-reed woodwinds
    • two narrow pieces of cane are held between the lips.
    • oboe
    • English horn
    • bassoon
    • contrabassoon
  25. brass instruments
    • trumpet (highest)
    • French horn
    • trombone
    • tuba (lowest)
  26. damper pedal
    right pedal; allows pianists to sustain tones even after keys are released
  27. una corda
    left pedal or soft peddle; veils the sound
  28. sostenuto
    middle pedal; rarely used, allows pianists to sustain some tones without sustaining others
  29. harpsichord
    strings plucked by a set of plectra; controlled by one or two keyboards
  30. pipe organ
    many sets of pipes controlled from several keyboards, including a pedal keyboard
  31. tape studio
    the main tool of composers of electronic music during the 1950s
  32. synthesizers
    systems of electronic components that generate, modify, and control sound
  33. theme
    melody used as the basis for a musical composition
  34. rhythm
    the particular arrangement of note lengths in a piece of music
  35. beat
    a regular, recurrent pulsation divides music into equal units of time
  36. meter
    the organization of beats into regular groups
  37. measure
    a group containing a fixed number of beats
  38. downbeat
    the first, or stressed, beat of the measure
  39. upbeat
    an unaccentuated pulse preceding the downbeat
  40. accent
    a note emphasized more than the other notes
  41. tempo
    speed of the beat
  42. melody
    series of single tones that add up to a recognizable whole
  43. phrases
    short units of melodies
  44. cadence
    the resting place at the end of a phrase
  45. incomplete cadence
    sets up expectations
  46. complete cadence
    gives an answer and sense of finality
  47. sequence
    repetition of a melodic pattern on a higher or lower pitch
  48. harmony
    ways the chords are constructed and how they follow each other
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