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  1. superficial
    The accident left him with some superficial wounds.
    • 表面的な、浅い
    • surface 表面
    • external 外部の、外の
  2. moderate
    The manufacturer decided to sell their items at a moderate price.
    • 適度の、穏健な
    • extreme 極度の
  3. sensible
    Even the smallest creatures are sensible and should not be harmed.
    • 賢明な、分別のある
    • sensitive 敏感な、微妙な
    • sensual 官能的な
  4. fatal
    Mr. Radley was the victim of a fatal crash.
    • 致命的な、極めて重大な
    • deadly 致命的な、命懸けの
    • lethal 致死の、致命的な
    • mortal 死を免れない、致命的な
  5. subject
    The prices are subject to change depending on the supply.
    • ~を被りやすい、~次第である
    • subjective 主観的な
  6. apprehensive
    I'm apprehensive of the future.
  7. unanimous
    The staff made a unanimous decision to move the headquarters to a location downtown.
  8. terrific
    The singer gave a terrific performance and at the same time raised a lot of money for charity.
  9. indifferent
    No matter how hard we tried to convince him, the client was indifferent to the proposal.
    • 無関心な、冷淡な、どうでも良い
    • lukewarm 無関心な、生ぬるい、いいかげんな
  10. inevitable
    The scientist said that a big earthquake in the near future is inevitable.
    • 避けられない、必然的な
    • inescapable 避けられない
  11. legitimate
    The company was investigated to make sure that they were engaging in legitimate business practices.
    • 合法の、合理的な
    • lawful 合法の
  12. reluctant
    Ms. Zales is reluctant to help with such a risky endeavor.
    • ~を嫌がる
    • hesitant ~を躊躇する
    • endeavor 事業
  13. ambitious
    Ken is an ambitious man who wants to climb up the corporate ladder.
    • 野心のある、~を熱望している
    • ambition 野心
    • zealous 熱心な、熱狂的な
    • corporate ladder 出世の階段、組織の階層
  14. valid
    The assistant manager has valid objections to the plan and her opinion should be respected.
    • 有効な、妥当な
    • invalid 無効な、妥当性を欠いた
    • void 無効の、of~ のない
  15. equivalent
    After the prototype was destroyed, the engineers couldn't come up with an equivalent model.
    • 同等の、等量の
    • identical 全く同じの、一致する
    • similar 同様の、類似の
    • identical>equivalent>similar
  16. exclusive
    Mary was finally made a member of the exclusive club.
    • 独占的な、高級な
    • exclude 排除する
    • inclusive ~を含めた、包括的な
  17. affordable
    Mr. Kale has been searching for affordable housing for a year now, but hasn't found anything yet.
    • 手頃な価格の
    • afford ~の余裕がある
    • reasonable 手頃な価格の、理に適った
    • economical 経済的な、倹約の
  18. affluent
    Ms. Lee is an affluent banker who is active in the stock market.
    • 裕福な
    • wealthy 裕福な、豊かな
  19. luxury
    When Ms. Jenkins got a raise, she was able to afford a luxury car.
    • 高級な、贅沢な
    • luxurious 贅沢な、高級な
    • posh 贅沢な、エレガントな
    • plush 豪華な、おしゃれな
  20. lucrative
    The sales manager was praised for coming up with a lucrative marketing strategy.
    • 儲かる、得な
    • profitable 儲けになる、有益な
    • gainful 利益のある、有給の
  21. mature
    Although Sandy is only a teenager, she acts mature for her age.
    • 成熟した、大人っぽい
    • adult 成人の、成長した
    • ripe (果物などが)熟した、機が熟した
    • premature 未成熟の、時期尚早の
    • immature 未成熟の、未完成の
  22. considerable
    The broker spent a considerable amount of money on refurbishing the premises.
    • かなりの、注目に値する
    • substantial たくさんの、根本の
    • refurbish 改装する
  23. temporary
    Ms. Mansfield will be the temporary chairperson while Mr. Kasabian is on leave.
    • 一時的な、臨時の
    • tentative 仮の、確定的でない
    • interim 当座の、仮の
    • provisional 仮の、臨時の
    • permanent 永続する
  24. virtually
    The entire city was virtually at a standstill during the blackout.
    • 実質的に、事実上
    • virtue 美徳、長所
    • standstill 停止、行き詰まり、休止
    • blackout 停電
  25. competent
    Jan is a competent employee and deserves a raise.
    • 有能な、適任の
    • qualified 資格・免許がある、適任の
    • proficient 熟達した、上手な
    • experienced 経験が十分ある
    • adept 熟練した、精通した
    • skillful 熟練した、腕のいい
  26. boring
    Derek found the book boring and fell asleep while reading it.
    • うんざりさせる、つまらない
    • tedious 単調な、退屈な
    • monotonous 単調な、変化に乏しい
    • repetitive 繰り返しの多い
  27. approximately
    The flight is scheduled to arrive in approximately two hours.
    • おおよそ、約~
    • roughly おおよそ、大ざっぱに言って
    • exactly 厳密には
  28. decent
    The CEO stressed the need to follow decent business practices at all times.
    • 礼儀をわきまえた、適切な
    • decency 品位、良識
    • indecent 無作法な、下品な
  29. consequently
    Debra did a great job with the last account and was consequently promoted.
    • 結果として、そういうわけで
    • as a result 結果として
    • subsequently その次に、その後
  30. generous
    The CEO is a generous man and pays his employees well.
    • 寛大な、たくさんの
    • generousity 寛大(な行為)
    • benevolent 情け深い、優しい
  31. simultaneously
    A translation of the speech could be simultaneously heard during the broadcast.
    • 同時に
    • at the same time 同時に
  32. liable
    If you open a restaurant during these hard economic times, it's liable to fail.
    • ~しがちである、~に陥りやすい、~に責任がある
    • prone ~しがちな、~にかかりやすい
    • susceptible 影響されやすい、感染しやすい
  33. mutual
    The two powerful leaders had mutual respect for each other.
    • 相互の、共同の
    • interactive 相互対話の、双方向の
    • reciprocal 相補的な
  34. deliberate
    The crime was obviously a deliberate act so the criminal must be punished.
    • 故意の、計画的な、慎重な
    • intentional 意図的な、故意の
    • intended 意図的な、故意の
  35. critical
    As the election drew near, the candidate reached a critical point in the campaign.
    • 重要な、批評の
    • critic 評論家、批評家
    • crucial 必須の、不可欠な
    • vital 死活的な、極めて重要な
    • significant 重要な
    • focal 焦点の当たった、重要な
  36. remarkable
    Those who make remarkable achievements win the Nobel Prize.
    • 顕著な、際立った
    • distinguished 抜群の、顕著な
    • outstanding 顕著な、抜群の
    • conspicuous 著名な、人目を引く
  37. steady
    The exchange rate remained steady throughout the day.
    • 安定した、一定の
    • firm 堅固な、強弁な
    • stable 安定した、一定の
  38. urgent
    The staff received an urgent message from the boss calling for an emergency meeting.
    • 緊急の
    • urgency 緊急
    • imperative 急を要する、避けられない
    • pressing 差し迫った、急を要する
    • imminent 差し迫った、切迫した
    • impending 差し迫った、今にも起こりそうな
  39. domestic
    Many women are becoming more and more frustrated with domestic chores.
    • 家庭の、国内の
    • internal 内部の、国内の、組織内の
    • indigenous 原産の
    • household 家庭の、家族の
  40. appropariate
    The office is small, and doesn't have an appropariate place to hold a meeting.
    • ふさわしい、適当な
    • adequate 妥当な、十分な
    • proper ぴったり合う、ふさわしい
    • pertinent 妥当な、関連する
    • suitable ふさわしい、適した
    • inappropriate ふさわしくない、不適切な

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