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  1. What does Positivism mean
    To apply the scientific method to the social world.
  2. Who is credited as the founder of Sociology
    Auguste Comte
  3. What does sociology mean
    The study of society

    From Greek logos, "study of," and the Latin socius, "companion," or "being with others"
  4. According to the founder, what was the purpose of sociology
    to discover social principles and apply them to social reform
  5. What is Social Darwinism
    Coined by Spencer, its the "survival of the fittest." Societies are evolving from barbaric to civilized forms, thus as generations pass, the "fittest" would survive while the less capable die out
  6. What are the two social classes according to Karl Marx
    The bourgeoisie aka capitalist (they own everything) and the proletariat aka exploited workers
  7. Facts About Karl Marx/Marxism
    Marxism is NOT the same as communism. Marx proposed revolution as the way for workers to gain control of society. Communism is only a later application of Marx's ideas
  8. What are the two goals Durkheim set for himself concerning Sociology (according to pg 7)
    • Goal 1: get sociology recognized as a separate academic discipline
    • Goal 2: show how social forces affect people's behaviour
  9. Did Durkheim achieve Goal 1, if so when, if not why not
    Yes, in 1887 when the University of Bordeaux awarded him the world's first academic appointment in sociology
  10. How did Durkheim achieve Goal 2
    He conducted rigorous research by comparing suicide rates within different groups. Example: males, Protestants, and unmarried are more likely to commit suicide than females, Catholics/Jews, and married
  11. What is social integration
    the degree to which people are tied to their social groups
  12. What does patterns of behavior mean
    recurring characteristics or events
  13. What did Max Weber use to trace the causes of social change and the effects of social groups on people's orientations to life
    cross-cultural and historical materials
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