Earth Science

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  1. Name the 9 Safety symbols.
    • Eye protection
    • Clothing protection
    • Hand safety
    • Heating safety
    • Electric safety
    • Chemical safety
    • Animal safety
    • Sharp Object
    • Plant safety
  2. Name the science lab safety rules.
    Get teachers permission; read procedures carefully and pay attention to safety information and caution statements.

    Know locations of nearest fire alarms and other safety equipment, and know procedures for using the equipment.
  3. What are Scientific Methods?
    series of steps that scientists use to answer questions and solve problems.
  4. Name the steps in Scientific Method?
    • Think of a question
    • Collect information or data
    • Form a Hypothesis
    • Experiment - test the Hypothesis
    • Record/Analyze the Results
    • Draw Conclusions
    • Communicate Results
  5. Scientific Method steps and how to use:
    There are several steps, but not a set procedure; May use all of the steps or just some of the steps.  May even repeat some of the steps or do them in a different order.  the goal is to come up with reliable answers and solutions.
  6. What is an independent variable?
    The variable we manipulate and is the "cause" for what happens to the dependent variable.
  7. What is a dependent variable?
    the dependent variable is what we are trying to measure.
  8. Volume is the measure of the size of a body or region in three-dimensional space.
    Volume of a liquid is given in liters.

    The length, height and width of irregularly  shaped objects are difficult to measure accurately.  **** volume of an irregularly shaped object can be determined by measuring the volume of liquid that the object displaces *****
  9. What is the basic SI unit of Length ?
    Meter is the basic SI unit of length.
  10. The measure of the amount of matter IN an object is mass.

    What is the basic unit for mass?
    The kilogram is the basic unit for mass.  It is used to describe the mass of things such as boulders.  Grams can be used for the mass of smaller objects like an apple.  Metric tons for elephants.
  11. Temperature is the measure of how hot or cold something is.

    What is the unit of measure used by Scientist?
    Celsius is the unit of measure for temperature.

    Kelvin is the SI base unit for temperature.
  12. Area is a measure of how much surface an object has.

    What are the units for Area?
    square units such as square meters, square centimeters, square kilometers.
  13. How do you calculate the area of a square or rectangle?
    area = length x width
  14. Density is the ratio of mass of a substance to the volume of the substance.

    a. How do you calculate density?

    b. What is the units used for density?
    a. Density = mass / volume

    b. grams per milliliter g/ml or grams per cubic centerimter  g/cm3
  15. Which of the following units would you most likely use to record the mass of a pencil?

    a. gram
    b. kilograms
    c. milliliters
    d. liters
  16. What is a triple beam balance used to measure?
  17. What is a hot plate used for?
    heat materials
  18. What is a dropper used for?
    used to add small amounts of liquids.
  19. What is a metric ruler used for?
    measures length
  20. What is a thermometer used for?
    Measures temperature.
  21. What is a beaker used for?
    holds materials and measure volume.
  22. What is a graduated cylinder for?
    Measures precise volume.
  23. Can you do a metric conversion?
    King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk
    • Kilo,    Hecto, Deca, Base, Deci,  Centi,   Milli 
    • 1000,  100,    10,      1       .1     .01     .001
  24. Reading a Graduated Cylinder:

    While measuring liquid in a gradlinder, the liquid curves up the side of the cylinder.

    Where would you read the measurement of the liquid?
    Bottom called meniscus.
  25. Measure:
    1. temperature -> metric Thermometer ->celsius
    2. length  ->   metric ruler ->   meter
    3. mass  -> triple beam balance ->  grams
    4. volume -> graduated cylinder  ->  liters  ->
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