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  1. Space contains at least _ _ points. (what theorem?)
    4 noncollinear; 9
  2. A plane contains at least _ _points. (What postulate?)
    3 noncollinear points; 9
  3. a line containing at least _ points. (What postulate?)
    2; 9
  4. if 2 points line on a plane, then the line containing the points lies in the _. (What postulate?)
    plane; 8
  5. if two planes intersect then their intersection is a _. (What postulate?)
    line; 7
  6. if two lines intersect, then there exists exactly _ plane that contains them. (what theorem)
    1; 4-3
  7. If there is a line and a point not on the line, then exactly _ plane contains them. (what theorem?)
    1; 4-2
  8. how many points does a plane have? (also what postulate is this?)
    3 noncollinear; 6
  9. What is a line only?
    a straight line
  10. If two lines intersect, they will intersect at exactly _ point. (Also what THEOREM is this?)
    1; 4-1
  11. Through any two points there is exactly _line. (Also what postulate is this?)
    1; 5
  12. unlike postulates, theorems must be proved to be accepted as _.
  13. ray that divides an angle into 2 congruent angles
    angle bisector
  14. to divide into 2 congruent parts
  15. The measurement of <RST=22 and M<TSU<69. Find m<RSU. (scratch paper)
    91 degrees
  16. What do you do in percent problems of postulate 4?
    1) measure the angle with protractor. 2) put that # over the entire degrees of the circle. 3)multiply that by the # they give you
  17. What postulate is it when if point D is in the interior of <ABC then m<ABD+m<DBC=m<ABC
    Postulate 4: The angle addition postulate
  18. what degrees is a straight angle?
  19. what degrees is an obtuse?
    more than 90, less than 180
  20. what degrees is an acute angle?
    less than 90
  21. What degrees is a right angle?
  22. What postulate is it when it says given a point X on PR, consider rays XP and XR as well as all the other rays that can be drawn with X as an endpoint on one side of PR. These rays can be paired with the real numbers 0-180 such that: Xp is paired with 0and XR is paired with 180. If XA is paired with a C and XB is paired with an D then M<axb=1c-d1
    postulate 3: protractor postulate
  23. a tool used to measure angles
  24. what are the sides of the angles called?
  25. the common endpoint in the angle
  26. a figure formed by 2 rays with a common endpoint
  27. how is a ray named?
    by its endpoint and any other point on the ray
  28. a part of a line that starts at an endpoint and extends infinitely in one direction
  29. Whats the formula for midpoint?
  30. the point that divides the segment into 2 congruent parts
  31. What postulate is it when B is btween A and C then AB+BC=AC
    Postulate 2: Segment addition postulate
  32. Which postulate is it when the points on a line can be paired in one to one correspondence with the real #s such that: 1) any 2 given points can have coordinates 0 and 1 and 2) the distance btween 2 points is the absolute value of the difference of their coordinates?
    postulate 1: the ruler postulate
  33. Whats the formula for distance?
    Absolute value of (point A -point B)
  34. the measure of the segment connecting 2 points. Always positive #
  35. AB ~= CD and CD ~= EF then AB ~= EF
    transitive property of congruence
  36. AB ~= CD then CD ~= AB
    symmetric property of congruence
  37. AB ~ AB
    reflexive property of congruence
  38. shows that segments are congruent
    congruence statement
  39. have the same length
    congruent segments
  40. two geometric objects that have the same size and shape are _.
  41. a part of a line consisting of 2 endpoints and all points between them
    line segment
  42. what do planes intersect at?
    a line
  43. what do lines intersect at?
    a point
  44. the point or set of points in which 2 figures meet
  45. lines or points that arent in the same plane
  46. lines or points that are in the same plane
  47. How is a plane named?
    by an uppercase letter or 3 noncollinear points
  48. flat surface that has no thickness and extends forever
  49. if points dont land on the same line
  50. any set of points that lie on the same line
    collinear points
  51. How many points make up a line?
    at least 2, yet can be infinite
  52. a straight path that has no thickness and extends forever.
  53. Names a location and has no size
  54. What 3 terms define others?
    Point, Line, and Plane
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