General Anatomy Terms

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  1. Anatomical Position
    Facing forward, arms out, feet and palms forward
  2. Coronal Plane/Frontal Plane
    Ends up with anterior and posterior 
  3. Transverse/Horizontal/Cross-section
    This plane gives you a superior and inferior 

    (Cuts horizontally)
  4. Sagittal Planes (2)
    Midsagittal/Median plane and Parasagittal plane
  5. Midsagittal Plane (Median plane)
    Sagittal plane that divides the body into two equal left and right regions
  6. Parasagittal Plane
    Sagittal plane that divides the body into two unequal left and right regions
  7. Oblique Plane
    Any other angular plane
  8. Anterior
    In front of, front
  9. Posterior
    After, behind, following, toward the rear
  10. Distal
    Away from, farther from the origin
  11. Proximal
    Near, close to the region
  12. Dorsal
    Near the upper surface, toward the back
  13. Ventral
    Toward the bottom, toward the belly
  14. Superior
    Above, over
  15. Inferior
    Below, under
  16. Lateral
    Toward the side / Away from midline
  17. Medial
    Toward the mid-line/ Middle
  18. Cranial
    Towards the head (Quadrupeds)
  19. Caudal
    Toward the tail (Quadrupeds)
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