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  1. Which of the following is not a Catalyst switch VTP mode?

    a.       Server
    b.      Client
    c.       Designated
    d.      Transparent
  2. A sw in VTP transparent mode can do which one of the following?

    a.       Create a new VLAN
    b.      Only listen to VTP adverts
    c.       Send its own VTP adverts
    d.      Cannot make VLAN config changes
  3. Which one of the following is a valid VTP advert?

    a.       Triggered update
    b.      VLAN database
    c.       Subset
    d.      Domain
  4. Which of the following is needed for VTP communication?
    a.       A management VLAN
    b.      A trunk link
    c.       An access VLAN
    d.      An IP address
  5. Which one of the following VTP modes does not allow any manual VLAN config changes?
    a.       Server
    b.      Client
    c.       Designated
    d.      Transparent
  6. Select all the parameters that decide whether to accept new VTP information.

    a.       VTP priority
    b.      VTP domain name
    c.       Config rev number
    d.      VTP server name
    b & c
  7. How many VTP management domains can a Catalyst sw participate in?
    a.       1
    b.      3
    c.       Unlimited
    d.      4096
  8. Which IOS cmd configs a Catalyst sw for VTP client mode?

    a.       set vtp mode client
    b.      vtp client
    c.       vtp mode client
    d.      vtp client mode
  9. What is the purpose of VTP pruning?

    a.       Limit the number of VLANs in a domain
    b.      Stop unnecessary VTP adverts
    c.       Limit the extent of broadcast traffc
    d.      Limit the size of the virtual tree
  10. Which VLAN number is never eligible for VTP pruning?

    a.       0
    b.      1
    c.       1000
    d.      1001
  11. Which of the following might present a VTP problem?

    a.       Two or more VTP servers in a domain
    b.      Two servers with the same config number
    c.       A server in two domains
    d.      A new server with a higher config rev number
  12. If a VTP server is donfigured for VTP version2, what else must happen for successful VTP communication in a domain?
    a.       A VTP version 2 password must be set
    b.      All other switches in the domain must be version 2 capable
    c.       All other switches must be configured for VTP version 2
    d.      The VTP config rev number must be reset
  13. How are VTP advertisements sent?
    Using multicast frames.
  14. What gets advertised during a VLAN advertisement??
    VLANs 1-1005, Rev numbers, and VLAN parameters.
  15. T/F  By default, are management domains set to use  non-secure adverts without a password?
  16. What increment does a VTP advert start with?
  17. What 2 ways can be used to initialize a VTP  rev number back to 0?
    1.       Change sw mode to transparent then back to server.

    2.       Change vtp domain to bogus name, then change back to correct name.
  18. Describe VTP synchronization problem.
    Where a new sw is put on the lan without its VTP database being zeroized. If it has a higher rev number, all other switches sync to it.  This will flush all your VLAN info from all switches. 
  19. What are the 3 forms of VTP adverts?
    1.       Summary adverts.  Every 300 seconds or when a change occurs.

    2.       Subset adverts.  These list specific changes to the VLAN database.

    3.       Advert request from client.
  20. What cmds config VTP?
    • vtp mode {server | client | transparent}
    • vtp password newt

    Note.  If in secure mode, MD5 algo hash is sent.  Other switches also need to have the password added to them.
  21. How many versions of VTP can be run? 

    Can they interoperate?
    2,  VTP ver 1 and VTP ver 2.      

  22. What does VTP ver 2 add over VTP ver 1?
    Version-dependent  transparent mode – ver 1 had to check domain mode before forwarding.

    Consistency checks – checks for errors when using CLI

    Token ring support (ver 2 only)

    Unrecognized Type-Length-Value(TLV) support –
  23. What cli cmds allow you to see VTP status and sequence?
    sh vtp status

    sh vtp counters
  24. Is VTP pruning enabled or disabled by default on IOS based switches?

    Note:  when VTP pruning is enabled, there is an instance of STP running on the trunk link for every VLAN.  You should manually prune unneeded VLANs from the trunk.  Use cli:  int fa 0/1Switchport trunk pruning vlan (add/except/remove) vlan-list  (none)
  25. What are the VTP troubleshooting commands?
    sh vtp status

    sh vtp counters

    sh vlan brief

    sh int fa 0/1 switchport

    sh int fa 0/1 pruning
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